Sundwig 4-/S6-high combination mills

Many possibilities in one mill

With high-capacity reduction in the S6-high operating mode for high-strength material grades, in the 4-high operating mode for soft and intermediate material grades, and for skin passing or temper rolling in the 4-high operating mode, the 4/S6-high combination mills are used wherever it is not economical to have several mills for these applications due to the quantities involved.

Product description

The 4/S6-high reduction mill rolls the material with high productivity focused on highest quality and operating reliability. It also enables a fast reaction to actual plant and/or market situations by providing for fast rolling mode changes. The combination of the patented Sundwig S6-high (supported 6-high) mill with the side support secured to the mill for the small work rolls and the facility for fast changing to 4-high operating mode enables highest flexibility for different customer applications.

The reduction or temper/skin pass process not only reduces the thickness of material grades with different hardnesses, but also improves strip flatness. The specific pre-setting of the 4-/S6-high mill and shapemeter system, with tilting actuators, work roll bending and axial shifting (4-high mode), and intermediate roll bending and axial shifting (S6-high mode), is one of the most important elements of such a reduction and temper/skin pass rolling mill.

The high-impact strip drying system provides for a safe rolling process up to the maximum rolling speed.

The fully automatic roll change robot enables roll changing for S6- and 4-high work rolls, intermediate rolls, and side-support rolls with substantially shortened rolling mill set-up times and, even more importantly, permits contact-free roll change within the shortest time without damaging the rolls.

Also outside the mill stand itself, the entire rolling technology is based on Sundwig’s experience, like the advanced safety concepts, modern fume exhaust system, emulsion or rolling oil filtration, and the hydraulic equipment.

Sundwig’s many years of experience with AGC and shape control as well as the advanced mathematical process model and process optimization system secures highest product quality and operating reliability.


With more than 10 references for 4/S6-high cold rolling combination mills, Sundwig is the number-one supplier for this rolling mill technology.

  • Combined Cold Rolling Mills

Strengths and benefits

  • Rolling mode changing in < 10 min
  • Large roll grinding range
  • High rolling torques transmittable
  • Impact jet cooling system
  • Side-support system secured to the mill
  • Deformation-optimized housing geometry
  • Pre-commissioning at ANDRITZ Sundwig workshops

Mill section of a rolling, annealing, and pickling line (RAPL)

Corresponding E&A models

  • Strip thickness control
  • Strip elongation control
  • Strip flatness control
  • Advanced roll force model
  • Strip temperature model
  • Strip flatness model
  • Pass scheduling program
  • Long-term pass schedule and mill pre-set optimization program

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