ANDRITZ neXdry 4000

Nonwovens drying solution for high-capacity in spunlace and Wetlace™ production lines

The neXdry through-air dryer for Wetlace™ and spunlace processes has been especially designed for very high drying capacities of up to 4 tonnes. Excellent expertise and experience for decades in drying technologies for all nonwoven processes guarantee a high level of process knowledge from just one source.

Technical features

  • Single drum diameter 3,1 m
  • Working width: 5,1 m
  • Speed: up to 1000 m/min
  • U-drum: 100 % stainless steel
  • Circulating air temperature max. 200°C
  • Evaporation capacity more than 4 tons of water /hour
  • 4 Main fan 110 KW
  • 1 Exhaust fan 90 KW
  • 4 burners 1400 KW
  • 4 motor driven turn rolls

New flagship for high-capacity-drying: ANDRITZ neXdry 4000



Full access for cleaning and trouble shooting                          

  • Front doors accessing each half hood                               
  • Rear door accessing mixing chamber and fans
  • Total access to drum outside and inside
  • Exhaust and fresh air dampers on side walls

Easy access for preventive maintenance

  • Platforms accessing filters and burners
  • Centralized lubrication for drum bearings
  • Belt drive for drum = no chain greasing issue

Benefits main fans

  • Low pressure drop hood and drum 3000Pa
  • Flow 100 000m3/h per fan
  • Direct drive
  • Integrated fan casing for 78,7% efficiency


neXdry air flow management: U-drum innovation


Optional for neXdry 4000: ANDRITZ neXecodry for more energy efficiency

The neXecodry drying technology is a combination of dewatering and drying technology. It was designed by ANDRITZ to make significant reductions in the energy consumption of existing spunlace, Wetlace (wetlaid and hydroentanglement), and airlace production lines. Nonwovens producers achieve better quality fabrics with higher bulk and no pattern degradation. The neXecodry solution from ANDRITZ is an innovative approach that meets the main market requirements: the best quality of nonwovens produced so far, a sound economic payback, and easy installation and maintenance.

Benefits neXecodry

  • Energy savings
  • Less energy required in the drying process
  • Increase web thickness
  • Higher line speed to increase production
  • Homogeneous moisture content over the entire width
  • Easy maintenance

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