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PrimeRun web stabilization system

ANDRITZ PrimeRun web stabilizers enable a trouble-free paper run at reduced draw, even at high machine speeds. There are different modules and configurations to meet individual requirements.

The PrimeRun web stabilization system is ideally suited for fast single-tier and double-tier paper and board machines. It can easily be retrofitted to existing machines as part of a rebuild project.

Modules are the key

The PrimeRun web stabilization system consists of three modules that can be combined according to customer requirements:

Basic module1 suction boxPrimeRun Mono
Intermediate module1 suction box and 1 rollPrimeRun Duo
World-class module1 suction box with 3 suction zones and 1 rollPrimeRun Evo



The ANDRITZ PrimeVac roll is a core component of the new ANDRITZ web stabilization system and can be combined with the PrimeRunEvo and Duo. During the threading process, the PrimeVac roll fixes the web on the fabric with a pressure vacuum. This results in stable threading of the web through a single-tier drying section.

Ropeless tail threading is possible with the ANDRITZ PrimeFeeder for single-tier and double-tier machine configurations.

Single-tier dryer section    

  • PrimeRun Evo – with high-vacuum zone box at paper release zone from dryer and stepwise reduction of underpressure by 3 zones
  • PrimeRun Duo – two-sided stabilizer with PrimeVac
  • PrimeRun Mono – one-sided stabilizer in downstream direction
  • PrimeRun Poly – sheet transfer box between press and dryer section

Double-tier dryer section   

  • PrimeRun Mono – sheet stabilization
  • PrimeRun Jet – sheet stabilization
  • PrimeRun JetVent – sheet stabilization and pocket ventilation


At a glance   

  • Different modules meeting specific customer requirements
  • Reliable web stabilization at reduced draw – even at the highest machine speeds
  • Better efficiency through reduced paper breaks, stable tail threading, and trouble-free widening
  • Reduced energy consumption – no air knives necessary

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