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PrimeDry technologies for paper and board

We offer a broad range of technologies for paper and board machines meeting the challenges of drying and ventilation head-on: highest drying capacity, lowest energy consumption, and environmentally friendly production.

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With more than 50 years of experience in all kinds of paper and board operations around the world, we offer advanced, competitive, and environmentally friendly drying and ventilation solutions for new lines, rebuilds or upgrades.

PrimeDry ST

Single-tier dryer section

The PrimeDry ST dryer section is arranged in a single-tier without open draw to ensure high runability in combination with our PrimeRun web stabilization components. It can be configured for the beginning of the drying section, or used throughout the entire drying section.

PrimeDry DT

Double-tier dryer section

The PrimeDry DT dryer section is arranged in a double-tier design to ensure high water evaporation rates. Specially located fabric rolls to guide the paper on the fabric are supported by the ANDRITZ PrimeRun components to obtain high runability.

PrimeAir Glide and PrimeDry Air Glide

Web direction change devices

The two ANDRITZ AirGlide systems change the direction of a continuous web without contact. They are used especially when the web is coated and has to be deflected when the coating is still wet, without touching any rolls. In this way, the coated surface is not damaged. The PrimeDry AirGlide has an additional heating function for paper drying with a circulating air system. It can only be installed in the coating section.

Innovation for efficiency

To improve efficiency, the fabric run is designed without outer fabric rolls. Another increase in efficiency comes with the fabric cleaning technology and the device for CD moisture control that can avoid the over-drying of the paper. The dryer section is ventilated by blow doctors and/or other ventilation equipment. A ropeless tail threader (PrimeFeeder) can be used in single and/or double-tier configurations.

For drying sections of all kinds of paper machines we offer different hood solutions, heat recovery, steam and condensate systems, web stabilization systems, MG Yankees and drying cylinders.

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