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PrimeDry air and energy systems for paper and board

ANDRITZ air and energy systems improve the performance and economics of the drying process and increase drying capacity with the advantage of better moisture cross-profile. The use of heat recovery and steam and condensate systems reduce overall energy consumption.


Our PrimeDry systems improve the performance and economics of the drying process and increase drying capacity, with the advantage of a better moisture cross-profile.

PrimeDry Hood C


The PrimeDry Hood C encloses the pre- and postdryer sections with insulated panel elements down

to the machine floor level. Cold air is prevented from entering the drying section by the basement enclosure, which creates a virtually closed hot area inside the paper machine hall. There are lifting gates on the operator side so that free access is available to the dryer section.

The hood keeps heat losses in the dryer section low, prevents condensation, and prevents room air from entering. As a result, the temperature and humidity throughout the machine hall are improved.

PrimeDry MG Hood


Today, a high-performance hood is a must on all MG Yankees in order to achieve maximum production at lowest cost. It is estimated that sheet contact with the Yankee itself accounts for about 40-60% of total drying, while the hot air impinged by the hood provides the remaining 60-40%.

Depending upon the fuel source available, ANDRITZ Novimpianti supplies oil- or gas-heated hoods that typically operate at 530° C.

PrimeDry MG Hood ST


When steam is available, cheaper, and preferred over oil or gas, ANDRITZ Novimpianti supplies the PrimeDry MG Hood ST, which is engineered with a steam-heated air system. The PrimeDry MG Hood ST operates in a temperature range of around 200° C in the impingement air, which can provide an additional 15-25% of drying capacity compared to the Yankee cylinder alone.

PrimeDry Heat Recovery system


Irrespective of customer location and latitude, the excess heat from the drying sections must be recovered in order to reduce steam consumption – over 10% is possible here. This reduction can be achieved with an air-to-air heat exchanger system (exhaust air to supply air). The remaining heat can be recovered additionally by water heat exchangers operating indirectly (plate type) and/or directly (scrubber with spray nozzles).

This could be used to heat circulating water for the PM hall ventilation system and/or process water. A sequel tower combination of two or more of these heat exchangers is also possible.

PrimeDry SC system


ANDRITZ supplies all types of steam and condensate systems in accordance with the required drying curve. We use thermos-compressor, cascade or mixed solutions.

Machine hall ventilation

Machine room equipment and processes release a lot of heat and moisture inside the building. Ventilation systems adjust the temperature and humidity inside the machine hall. Improved air quality protects equipment and building structures against corrosion as well as providing a better and more productive work environment for the people inside the machine hall.

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PrimeRun web stabilizers and pocket ventilation for paper, board

The ANDRITZ web stabilizers support trouble-free operation, even at high machine speeds

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PrimeDry Steel Yankees for tissue, paper, board

With diameters up to 26 ft. and shell lengths up to 7.4 m, ANDRITZ is the technology leader for large steel Yankees

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PrimeDry Steel cylinders for paper, board

The PrimeDry Steel cylinder performs up to 10% better than the same sized cast iron cylinder

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