PrimeFeeder tail threading systems

The ANDRITZ state-of-the-art technology for efficient, safe and stable tail threading, with remote-controlled systems for all sections of paper and board machines

ANDRITZ offers a wide range of tail threading solutions tailor-made to our customers’ needs to improve production efficiency as well as safety in the threading process from the wet section to the reel.

The PrimeFeeder system is a rope-less tail threading system that significantly reduces machine downtime and threading time when compared to conventional feeding systems. PrimeFeeder installations work with different tail cutting and transfer systems as well as blowing devices to ensure entirely rope-less tail threading from the wet section to the pope reel. All operations are remotely controlled to keep operators a safe distance from the potentially hazardous areas of the machine.

PrimeFeeder JetBelt

PrimeFeeder JetBelt vacuum conveyors are equipped with the latest drum motor technology and patented vacuum generation. Vacuum chambers in the unit are highly efficient and individually adjustable for proper and safe transfer of the tail. The required vacuum is generated using pressurized air by advanced injectors located inside the conveyor frame. These injectors achieve a negative pressure of more than 5000 pascal over the entire surface of the strainer.

A fully integrated motor guarantees a compact design that is unique on the market, also enabling installation for demanding rebuild tasks with limited space. Despite the compact design, the engine can produce 15 kW power and does not even have to be cooled. A value unmatched in the market comparison. So your vacuum conveyor is never at a standstill.

PrimeFeeder JetBelt vacuum conveyors can be used in all sections of the paper machine, for all basis weights and all machine speeds. They are extremely robust and easy to clean.

PrimeFeeder DG DBF (Dryer Group Doctor Blade Feeder)

ANDRITZ provides special tail threading technology for single-tier or double tier dryer sections. PrimeFeeder DG BlowDoctor systems use the highest-quality materials with advanced carbon composites and aerospace aluminum alloy to guarantee highest resistance values with low weight to preserve the doctor blade. The systems are equipped with a patented, highly effective nozzle design and intelligent interval control, which has very economical air consumption.

PrimeFeeder WS ABF (wet section Air blade feeder)

ANDRITZ supplies excellent tail threading systems for its wet presses. Most of the systems are fully remotely controlled, but can also be semi-automatic, such as the PrimeFeeder WS ABF. All the important functions are located directly on the control panel. Your operator will never lose control.

PrimeFeeder WS KBF (Wet section Knife blade feeder)

As an all-purpose system for particularly difficult requirements, ANDRITZ has developed the fully automatic PrimeFeeder WS KBF. In conjunction with a PrimeFeeder JetBelt vacuum conveyor, it is able to master almost all challenges. Starting with wafer-thin paper grades to high-end kraft board.

The tail is cut off with the help of a maintenance-free knife. The transfer system itself is located below the doctor blade of the double doctor. Hence, problems that can arise when peeling off the tail at this difficult point are eliminated.

At a glance


  • Complete threading solutions from the wet section to the reel
  • Efficient tail threading performance with highest guarantee level
  • Minimal maintenance – all components are waterproof and easy to clean
  • The ANDRITZ PrimeFeeder system fulfills the highest required safety standards.
  • Compact design for challenging applications
  • For all paper grades up to 900 g/m²
  • Designed for all paper speeds up to 2,200 mpm.

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