Removal and ventilation systems for tissue

The manufacturing and converting of tissue products create dust and mist. ANDRITZ offers a range of technologies for controlling and collecting dust and mist created on the machine, at the rewinder, and on the converting line.


Controlling air-borne dust and eliminating its build-up on machinery or the building structure are critical for fire suppression, workplace safety, worker health, machinery efficiency, and the quality of the finished product.


Tissue machine dust control

Accumulation of dust during the tissue production process can lead to potential problems such as fires in the hot areas of the machine, lower machine efficiency due to frequent stops for cleaning, and unhealthy conditions for operators due to air-borne contaminants. ANDRITZ solutions include technologies for both dry and wet cleaning. The multi-box PrimeDustEXT system for machine dust control does not interfere with the sheet or impede access to the machine. The design of the boxes prevents plugging and ensures constant suction for efficient dust removal.

PrimeDustEXT R

Rewinder dust control

ANDRITZ supplies a six-box PrimeDustEXT R system for rewinder dust control that captures dust near the source to reduce airborne contaminants and improve the working conditions around the winder. The result is improved operator safety, less dust accumulation on the equipment, and improved quality of the jumbo rolls. A centralized system with tissue machine can be provided.


Tissue former mist control

The creation of mist at the wet end of the tissue machine can lead to several issues: corrosion of building structures or machine structure, mixing with dust or other contaminants that can impact paper formation, and accumulation of contaminants in the forming fabric for example. There can also be a loss of machine efficiency created by frequent stops to clean the machine surfaces. The PrimeMistEXT system for mist removal at the wet end reduces contact between humidity and dust to extend the life of equipment and improve worker safety.

PrimeDustControl C

Tissue converting line dust control

ANDRITZ has developed a system for converting line dust control – the PrimeDustControl C. This four-box system uses vacuum to minimize or eliminate dust problems in the converting area by collecting dust before it has the opportunity to get airborne. A system can be provided for several converting lines.

Hall ventilation

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, ANDRITZ has the expertise and experience to tackle the larger issue of machine hall ventilation – taking into account temperatures, humidity, uncontrolled air, dust, odors, and safety or environmental issues. We can assist in proper dimensioning and configurations for new installations, as well as designing solutions to upgrade existing facilities.

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