Bracell SP Celulose Ltda., Brazil

Four high-speed tissue production lines

ANDRITZ has received an order from Bracell SP Celulose Ltda. to supply four PrimeLineTM W2000 tissue production lines to its mill located in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo.

About the project

The four tissue machines are of the type PrimeLineTM W 2000, with a design speed of 2,100 m/min and a working width of 5.68 m. They are equipped with fully cantilevered shoe presses for gentle dewatering and easy maintenance and 18 ft. steel Yankees with steam-heated hoods for energy-efficient drying.

The new tissue mill will be self-sufficient in steam and electricity consumption for the drying process, making it one of the tissue mills with the smallest CO2 footprint in the world.

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply – on a turn-key basis including civil construction – includes the stock preparation systems that will process slush pulp from Bracell’s own pulp mill, rewinders and roll handling, as well as roll covers, machine clothing, shoe press belts, and additionally more than 100 units of high-efficiency process pumps.

All four plants will be equipped with the Metris X integrated distributed control system (DCS), which ensures optimal plant operation. The combination of advanced data analytics, automatic condition monitoring system with Metris Vibe, integrated high-end advanced process controllers (APCs), artificial machine intelligence (AI), the implementation of digital twins and operator training simulators (OTS) support the rapid commissioning and optimal operation of the plants throughout their life cycle. Assistance in maintenance processes completes the package.


"Repeat orders like this once again confirm the success and customer benefits of our technologies. The four new lines will enable Bracell to produce high-quality tissue in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way."

Carlos Gallo

Director Tissue Technology and R&D



About Bracell SP Celulose Ltda.

Bracell SP Celulose Ltda. is part of the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group, which manages world-class companies in the resource-based manufacturing industry. Among them is the Chinese tissue producer Asia Symbol, whose three new ANDRITZ tissue production lines will start up in the next few months.

PrimeLineTM machines

As with many energy intensive industries these days, the tissue paper industry is facing increasing pressure to comply with the competitive needs of the industry as well as upcoming statutory requirements to reduce energy consumption.

With the latest technologies and solutions, which are innovative, efficient, and minimize consumption of media and resources, ANDRITZ contributes to your improvements. And this without compromising the product quality due to the application of well proven technologies within the PrimeLine tissue machines.

ANDRITZ tissue machines can be equipped with different hood types to meet the customer’s needs and achieve the maximum possible benefit in terms of operating costs and performance. One of the options available is a steam-heated hood in combination with a large steel Yankee with a diameter of 22 ft. (in some special cases, the Yankee can be up to 26 ft. in diameter), ensuring excellent machine performance as well as potential operating cost savings.



Project milestones Bracell SP


11/2023: Trials @PrimeLineTIAC

The Bracell technology team extensively tested state-of-the-art technologies at PrimeLineTIAC (Tissue Innovation and Application Center) to develop new high quality products.

In preparation for the start-up of the four tissue machines in Lençóis Paulista (Brazil), the Bracell team was able to test the efficiency of the PrimePress XT Evo shoe press and the METRIS automation live.


11/23: Assembly of Yankee Dryer of TM #1

Transportation of this colossal piece of equipment from the Brazilian port began on November 13, and it’s scheduled to arrive at the Bracell SP Celulose Ltda. site the week of December 11. Assembly will begin on December 18, marking a significant step forward.


11/2023: Start assembly of TM #2

Thrilled to announce the Tissue Machine #2 assembly start. As ANDRITZ, we're proud to be part of this milestone, contributing to the growth and innovation in the tissue industry. Here's to progress and successful cooperation!


10/2023: Yankee Dryer TM #1 arrived

Yankee Dryer TM #1 arrived at the Brazilian port for Bracell SP on 10/26. The journey to its destination begins and will take 20-30 days due to its massive size. Kudos to all ANDRITZ colleagues for leading this mission. 


10/2023: Start installation TM #1

After so many months of hard work, it has finally happened: We have started the installation of the Tissue Machine No. 1 for Bracell SP Celulose Ltda. in Brazil. But we are not done yet, three more will follow.


09/2023: 500,000 man-hours without accident

ANDRITZ completed 500,000 man-hours by our ANDRITZ team and subcontractors on site at the Bracell SP Celulose Ltda. project without an accident, underscoring our commitment to employee safety during the construction of one of the world’s largest tissue projects.


09/2023: Start upper slab pulper 01

After finishing the concreting of the lower slab of pulper 01, we begin on time with the concreting of the upper slab of pulper 01. We start at three o'clock in the morning to take advantage of the lower ambient temperature and minimize the use of ice to dissipate heat as the concrete cures.

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