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Soda liquor boilers (SodEx)

SodEx soda liquor boilers are used for the combustion of chemical and pulp industry wastewater containing sodium, potassium, or biogenous impurities.

The challenge

The chemical and pulp industries face strict regulations regarding the treatment and disposal of wastewater.

The solution

The SodEx liquor boiler is a customized solution for the cost-effective discharge and efficient combustion of wastewater from a bleach plant or other chemical process. The high-pressure steam produced can be used for electricity generation or as process steam. Malodorous gases can be collected and integrated in the boiler. An inorganic alkaline solution is produced by an incineration residue processing plant, which can be employed for the neutralization of wastewater.

Soda liquor boiler at Sarpsborg

Soda liquor boiler at Sarpsborg, Norway

The benefits

During four decades of experience, ANDRITZ has completed numerous liquor boiler installations and has built up valuable experience in this area. The SodEx boiler is designed for the additional combustion of biogases and malodorous gases (HVLC).

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