Lime kiln with LimeFlash-H system at night

ANDRITZ LimeFlash feed head system – a boost for the lime kiln

The calcination process in the lime cycle is done with the rotating lime kiln and efficiency of the lime kiln depends on the type of feed head technology used. ANDRITZ has three types feed head systems: LMD, ANDRITZ LimeFlash™ feed head system and now ANDRITZ has invented the next generation – ANDRITZ LimeFlash-H feed head.

Lime mud drying (LMD) at the kiln feed end is performed in a standard manner across the industry with ANDRITZ supplying its own LimeKiln™ solution for the white liquor plant. ANDRITZ has introduced its own patented solution, LimeFlash™ feed head system for increasing the capacity of the lime kiln. The revolutionary LimeFlash™ technology has streamlined the processes in the lime kiln by offering various benefits including, quick mixing of lime mud and flue gases thereby decreasing the temperature and eliminating plugging problems of the feed head. Other benefits include increased capacity because the lime kiln operates with higher feed end temperature. Operators using ANDRITZ LimeFlash™ technology have also noted better controllability and overall lower investment costs.

Next generation lime kiln - Going vertical with LimeFlash-H

ANDRITZ has completely remodeled its existing LimeFlash™ solution and introduced the latest next generation feed head system for pulp producers, LimeFlash-H. LimeFlash-H is a completely new feed end technology in the industry for maximizing efficiencies of the lime kiln with the main focus on further increasing the capacity of lime kilns at the same time as reducing energy consumption – and all without the usual large capital outlay.

Lime mud drying and pre-heating with LimeFlash-H technology


ANDRITZ two cyclones LimeFlash-H feed head system contains following main components:

  • Dryer feed screw (1) enables lime mud entering into the LimeFlash-H system.
  • The first cyclone called the drying cyclone (2) separates the dried lime mud from the flue gas.
  • The lime kiln feed head system (3) allows the process to operate at a higher feed end temperature without plugging.
  • The preheating cyclone (4) is the second cyclone which represents a new feature of the LimeFlash-H system where lime mud is further heated up.
  • Lime kiln (5) – lime mud flows by gravity from the pre-heating cyclone through a chute to the rotating lime kiln.

LimeLine LimeFlash-H components

The flue gas flow coming from the lime kiln, enables both drying and heating up the lime mud in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way when mixed together and then separated in the cyclones. The lime mud is carried into the process, through the two cyclones and then finally entering into the rotating lime kiln. This process represents the next generation lime kilns and it is called ANDRITZ LimeFlash-H feed head system.

LimeLine LimeFlash-H feed head

Advantages of the LimeFlash-H include:

  • Significantly high capacity increase
  • Highly efficient and environmentally friendly heat recovery system
  • Higher feed head temperature
  • Flexibility to operate to operate lime kiln with different process conditions
  • Excellent availability and minimum maintenance cost
  • Major investment savings
  • LimeFlash-H is available for both new lime kilns, and for increasing the capacity of existing kilns

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