Gravity-fed HQ-Chipper

Proven chipping technology combined with latest research yields an excellent HQ-Chipper for small diameter pulpwood. 

Optimized chipping geometry and cutting speed

The gravity-fed HQ-Chipper produces high-quality chips from logs up to 6 m long.  Its design is ideal for these shorter and smaller diameter pulpwood logs.  The inclined shaft, unique chipping geometry, and optimized cutting speed are all integrated to produce high quality with minimal oversize or overthick fractions.

The large infeed spout of the unit permits simultaneous chipping of several small diameter logs while maintaining stable position of the logs during chipping. The improved geometry yields thinner, rectangular-shaped chips that are optimum for modern cooking or refining processes.

The chips are side-discharged to a screw hopper placed above floor level. The gentle discharge reduces chip damage as well as the amount of fines and pins produced. Tests show that the chips are of such high quality that they can be compared with screened chips.

Low maintenance requirements, easily changeable wear parts, and ergonomic and compact design all contribute to the total economy of the HQ-Chipper.

The first HQ-Chipper was delivered to a mill in Finland in 1989, and the equipment performance and reliability has been improved over the years. Practically speaking, it has been replaced by the horizontally-fed model except in replacement situations or at installations where the layout is very restricted.


Features of the ANDRITZ gravity-fed HQ-Chipper

  • Very high and uniform chip quality due to chipping geometry and controlled cutting speed
  • Simultaneous chipping of several logs across entire width of bed knife
  • High yield – low  wood losses
  • Contributes to higher pulp quality
  • Optimum chips allow lower temperatures and chemical consumption in pulping
  • Minimal oversize and overthick chips
  • Very low generation of pins and fines
  • Gentle on chips – reduced fiber damage
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy changeout of wear parts

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