Nutrion vacuum drum filter

The first choice for hygienic product treatment

Product contamination, manual cleaning, or unplannd downtimes? These are all things you would prefer to do without to ensure the purity of your end-product and the efficiency of your process, aren't they? By using the new ANDRITZ NutrionTM vacuum drum filter, you will achieve a better-quality end product, have less cleaning work to do, increase the safety of your operators, and obtain greater process availability. Suitable for many food and chemical applications, ANDRITZ NutrionTM is bringing vacuum filtration to the highest hygienic levels.

Better quality of end-product, less cleaning, and greater availability with ANDRITZ NutrionTM filter

ANDRITZ NutrionTM filter brings vacuum filtration to highest hygienic levels

Bringing vacuum filtration to the highest levels of hygiene

ANDRITZ has improved the conventional vacuum drum filter design to achieve highest hygienic standards. The result is the Nutrion vacuum drum filter, designed with various technical innovations, including the following key components:

New trough design makes maintenance easier and increases cleanliness in this highly sensitive area

  • No internal moving parts 
  • Clean design with fewer dirt traps 
  • Circulating system for perfect mixing 
  • Self-emptying design for all components

Vapour-tight hood eliminates risk of product contamination and increases product quality

  • Integrated CIP system
  • Fewer dead zones due to new sealing design
  • Optional cake washing device

For pre-coat application enclosed scraper improves product quality and considerably increases the safety of the operating staff

  • Clean scraper mounting without any screws
  • Enclosed design with easy access
  • Step motors for accurate settings
  • Integrated CIP system (blade and holder)

Magnetic clamping device eliminates dirt traps and reduces downtime for filter cloth installation

  • Next level of cloth installation (quick and easy)
  • No installation grooves (dirt traps)
  • No additional consumables needed

Operating principle of the the ANDRITZ Nutrion™ vacuum drum filter


  • Less cleaning effort
  • No risk of product contamination and higher product quality
  • Improved product quality and increased staff safety
  • Greater availability and reduced downtimes for filter cloth installation
  • Minimum manual interventions



  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Starch, Yeast
  • By-Products, Animal feed*
  • Fruit extracts and juice concentrates
  • Personal care and cosmetics*
  • Nutraceuticals and health food ingredients*

* Using microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)

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