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Biomass boilers

Globally recognized power generation technology

The challenge

Generating electricity using fossil fuel is the most popular method in the world. However, the costs for producing energy with traditional carbon-based fuels are increasing. In addition, there is a global decree for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the dependence upon fossil fuels.

The solution

Biomass is readily available; lower priced, and can be sustainably grown. ANDRITZ innovative fluidized bed combustion technologies for generating power from biomass incorporate decades of experience and have been implemented in all areas of the pulp and paper industry as well as for utility or municipal power plants.

The combustion in a fluidized bed boiler is characterized by thorough mixing and intensive movement of fuel in a dense cloud of heated solid particles under controlled temperature conditions. This excellent mixing leads to improved heat and material transfer during combustion allowing various fuels to be fired simultaneously in the same boiler. ANDRITZ offers a wide range of fluidized bed technologies, distinguished by capacity, fuel and industrial application. EcoFluid bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boilers represent an important part of ANDRITZ’s bioenergy solutions and are used for steam and power generation from biomass and different alternate fuels as sludges, RDF, and residues.

BFB EcoFluid boiler at E.ON Blackburn Meadows Renewable Energy Plant, UK

BFB EcoFluid boiler in Blackburn Meadows, UK

Benefits of the EcoFluid boiler

  • Fuel flexibility
    • Handles large variations in fuel moisture
    • Accommodates large particle size variations
  • High combustion and boiler efficiency
    • Low unburned carbon loss
  • Low emissions
    • Low CO
    • Low NOX with air staging (SNCR and SCR available)
    • Low HCl and SO2 with sorbent injection and bag filter if needed
  • Low maintenance costs
    • Simple, reliable construction
    • No moving parts inside furnace
  • High availability and long life
    • Conservative design, effective soot blowing, high quality components

PowerFluid circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers are used for steam and power generation from conventional and renewable fuels (e.g. coal and biomass) and alternative fuels (biogenous residues, sludge, rejects, and refuse-derived wastes with high calorific value).

PowerFluid CFB boiler. Riikinvoima, Finland.

PowerFluid CFB boiler. Riikinvoima, Finland.

Benefits of the PowerFluid boiler

  • Highest fuel flexibility
    • Multi-fuel combustion
    • Wide range of heating values, fuel types, and properties
    • Tolerant of fuel fluctuations and other disturbances
  • Almost complete combustion with lowest emissions
    • Low CO, TOC emissions
    • Low unburned carbon in ash
    • Low SOX with direct desulphurization by adding limestone
    • Low NOX with controlled temperature and air staging
  • High efficiency
    • Low amount of excess air
    • High burnout rate
  • Excellent load following capabilities and part load behavior
  • Reliable design, high availability, and long life

ANDRITZ fluidized bed technologies are characterized by unmatched fuel flexibility, the ability to employ a diversity of fuels, including fuels which are difficult to burn using other technologies, almost complete combustion with lowest emissions and high efficiency and availability.

Several decades of experience with fluidized bed technology and individual customer challenges have provided ANDRITZ with a strong track record of reference plants.

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