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Burning biomass with maximum efficiency at minimum emission rates.

Our solutions are the culmination of decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining power plants for various purposes and parameters worldwide. We leverage modern design methods to optimize the effectiveness of individual modules and the overall energy system of a power plant. Our approach incorporates user feedback, test results, and the most advanced computing systems to ensure that our solutions are efficient, effective, and reliable.


All important boiler and boiler power plant components, such as the boiler and combustion system, are manufactured in our own European production facilities. We pay special attention to the manufacturing quality and installation of the boiler power plant to ensure high reliability and availability of the plant throughout its entire operating life.

The vibrating system is designed to operate continuously; it is important that it is reliable and has low maintenance costs. Compared to other types of grate firing systems, the vibrating system is generally simpler and has a smaller number of movable parts and cast iron elements. This results in a system that is less complicated and easier to maintain, with fewer wearing parts that need to be replaced over time.

Benefits of the water-cooled vibrating grate

Combustion system, depending on the fuel system, which allows

  • Low flue gas emission rates (NOx, particles)
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Low plant energy self-consumption
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Decreased erosion of the furnace walls

High degree of efficiency of the boiler and the entire plant

  • Optimal heat distribution
  • Excellent economic indicators of the boiler

High availability

  • Improved cost-effectiveness of the project

Lower heating value (LHV):

7 MJ/kg – 17 MJ/kg

Low cost of maintenance:

The absence of cast iron elements in the membrane wall helps to reduce maintenance costs.

High availability:

The absence of cast iron elements also helps to improve the availability of the boiler.

Burning fuel with high moisture content:

This design can accommodate fuel with a moisture content of up to 60% (whereas other designs can only handle a moisture content of up to 50%).

Efficient evaporating system:

The membrane wall is part of the evaporating system of the boiler, which results in higher efficiency.

No risk to natural circulation:

The grate's inclination angle of 6 degrees ensures that there is no risk to natural circulation.

No danger of overheating:

The grate can be bare, without any ash or fuel, without the risk of over-heating and malfunction.

Direct flame burners:

This design can accommodate direct flame burners (oil or gas) without any safety concerns.

No sealing problems:

There are no sealing problems between the grate and membrane walls or headers.

Less ash and unburned fuel:

The burning process is better, resulting in higher efficiency and less ash and unburned fuel under the grate.

Reduced energy consumption:

Less energy is consumed for ash conveyors, and there is no need to have ash conveyors under the grate.

No supporting steel or concrete:

There is no need for supporting steel or concrete constructions for motors.

Better air input control:

Primary air input and the burning process are controlled more effectively.

Simple maintenance and repairs:

This design is simple to maintain and repair, and no special workshop or tools are required.

No consumption of electric energy:

No electric energy is required to run the cooling system pumps.


ANDRITZ power plant service experts work in close cooperation with customers to improve the safety, performance, stability, availability, and efficiency of power generation equipment. ANDRITZ is well-positioned to offer the full support our customers need.

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