ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy, Savonlinna, Finland

ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy is a workshop located in Savonlinna, Finland. The company supplies equipment, machinery and services for the worldwide pulp and paper industry.

Production at ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works is based on a thorough mastery of the complete production process, including planning, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, quality assurance, installation and erection work, as well as a range of repair, overhaul and after-sales services.

Test assembly of DD-Washer before shipment.

© Jukka Koskinen

Robot welding of a drum unit.

© Jukka Koskinen

Our workshop machinery and tools are well suited for demanding manufacturing processes, with handling capacities for smaller and larger workpieces. The machinery is kept up-to-date by means of a continuous maintenance and investment program.

ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works’ new horizontal boring and milling machine.

Our main products are DD-Washer drum displacer washers, drum filters, disc filters, pulp cooking equipment, pressure vessels, and screens, with a delivery scope from a single spare part to a wide range of equipment and machinery for fiberline projects. Additionally, we offer various services, such as maintenance and repairs, upgrades and modernizations, shutdown, installation and erection services, as well as management of large rebuild and installation projects, from the planning phase through to start-up.

DD-Washer - Made in Finland (Finnish with English subtitles)

Spare part storage.

© Jukka Koskinen

A working day at the Service Center.

© Jukka Koskinen

Together with our customers, we find solutions to even the most complex technical and logistical challenges. Our staff work in multi-skilled teams to deliver products and services from the planning stage through to installation at a customer’s plant. With decades of experience in utilizing different steel grades and machining complex castings and forgings, we can seek out the most cost-effective and enduring solutions.


ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy aerial view by the Lake Saimaa.

© Jukka Koskinen

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