The world's most modern pilot plant for tissue

PrimeLineTIAC – Tissue Innovation and Application Center

A vision comes true

Imagine a world in which everybody uses tissue! This does not seem unrealistic considering that tissue, unlike other paper grades, promises continuous growth of approx. 3.5% for the next few years.

The increasing demand will be met by existing tissue producers and their future investments, as well as by newcomers. Enhancements in production and end product quality will be a decisive success factor if these companies are to become or remain successful.

ANDRITZ has reacted to these future challenges and built the world’s most modern Tissue Innovation and Application Center so that customers, suppliers, and R&D institutes can test and develop tissue solutions.

PrimeLineTIAC in brief

Tissue Innovation and Application Center



Graz, Austria


production of dry-creped, textured and structured (TAD) tissue


1 machine with 8 different configurations, vertical CrescentFormer option, shoe press, steel Yankee, TAD drums.


Trials and trainings for tissue producers, pulp producers, suppliers to the tissue industry, converters, and R&D institutes.

Booking trials

Interest in seeing the pilot plant? Do not hesitate to contact us for details or to book trials at

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"Our vision was to build a unique tissue center with the world’s most modern pilot plant. A sophisticated place that brings together customers, suppliers, and R&D institutes to implement the tissue solutions of tomorrow."

Klaus Blechinger

Vice President Tissue


Stefano Marenco, Director PrimeLineTIAC and R&D Tissue, ANDRITZ

"The Tissue Innovation and Application Center enables our customers and us to develop the right tissue product together for their customers."

Stefano Marenco

Director PrimeLineTIAC and R&D Tissue


Get to know our tissue experts

A day in the life of Erwin Walcher, Senior Sales Manager for tissue machines.

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Automation for the pulp and paper industry

Optimization, data analysis, augmented reality

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Comprehensive service to support customer processes: from replacement parts to complete mill maintenance...

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