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Sustainability and compliance

For the ANDRITZ GROUP, sustainability and compliance are among the cornerstones of responsible company management.

Together with the company’s core values – passion, partnership, perspectives and versatility – these cornerstones define what ANDRITZ stands for as a company and form the basis of its entrepreneurial activities, which are intended to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.


Sustainability has been an important part of the ANDRITZ business strategy and company culture for many years now. The ANDRITZ group-wide sustainability program “We Care” was launched in 2021, bringing together all of the activities, measures, goals and plans in this field.

“We Care” takes a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and practice-oriented approach to sustainability. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board have set ambitious goals in each of the three focus areas – Environment (environmental protection with main focus on climate protection and conservation of resources), Social (with main focus on employees and occupational health and safety) and Governance (focusing on responsible company management and anti-corruption) – in order to make the largest possible contribution towards a sustainable future.

Focus area – Environment: ANDRITZ is concentrating on developing and marketing sustainable technologies and products that further decarbonization and reduce customers’ consumption of limited resources, thus making a substantial contribution towards climate and environmental protection.

ANDRITZ already generates just under 40% of its revenue with products and technologies of this kind, and their share is to be further increased in the next few years. What is more, ANDRITZ has also set itself ambitious climate and environmental protection goals: For example, the company’s own CO2 footprint is to be halved by 2025, while water consumption and the amount of waste produced are also to be reduced significantly.

Focus area – Social: The ESG goals in this sector focus above all on accident prevention and positioning ANDRITZ as an attractive employer, which should be reflected in a lower fluctuation rate as well as in a higher proportion of women and generally greater diversity in the workforce.

Focus area – Governance: ANDRITZ is concentrating its entrepreneurial activities on minimizing relevant corporate risks and continuously expanding its compliance activities, with special focus on sustainable supply chain management.


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1+2) by 50% by the end of 2025
  • Reduce water consumption by 10% by the end of 2025
  • Increase revenue from sustainable solutions and products to over 50% by the end of 2025
  • Reduce waste volume by 10% by the end of 2025
  • Reduce fluctuation rate due to voluntary departures to 5% by the end of 2022
  • Increase the proportion of women in the workforce
  • Reduce annual accident frequency rate (> 1 day’s absence) by 30% compared to the preceding year
  • Detect company risks at an early stage (Goal: no event-driven profit warnings)
  • Implement and continuously monitor highest corporate compliance standards (Goal: no infringements)
  • Cover 85% of the procurement volume with audited suppliers* by 2025

* Accumulated external purchasing volume from suppliers with an annual purchasing volume of over 250,000 EUR and who are audited using the standardized, online Supplier Relationship Management tool

Details of the new sustainability strategy are provided in the Consolidated Financial Statement 2021 (Non-financial statement).


Compliance and ethical conduct with integrity, respect, reliability and sustainability as their cornerstones form the basis upon which ANDRITZ does business.

In addition to observing the extensive legal requirements, ANDRITZ has laid down internal values, principles and rules in its Code of Conduct and Ethics that apply to all management staff, employees and external stakeholders working for ANDRITZ.

A group-wide compliance committee has the task of regularly updating and adapting the regulations and of monitoring compliance with them.

The members of this committee come from different group functions and focus on such topics as corruption prevention, restraint of trade, anti-discrimination, prevention of insider trading, supplier compliance, export controls, and data protection.

Regional compliance officers assist the committee and are there as contacts for employees at their own locations to advise on compliance matters.

In order to verify how effective the compliance management system is and implement further improvements, ANDRITZ has obtained certification according to ISO 19600 for the compliance management system and ISO 37001 for anti-corruption management. The regulations contain requirements for developing, implementing and maintaining a compliance management system as well as measures to help protect against, track down and provide proof of corruption.

ANDRITZ has implemented various measures, above all training on individual compliance topics, to provide and enhance a basic understanding of compliance

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