Membrane separation process

Membrane separation process

The CO₂ capture by gas-separation membranes has become increasingly attractive in the last years. Several types and classes of membranes are available today. With its partner Aqualung, ANDRITZ offers polymer-based membranes with carriers facilitating the transport of CO₂.


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(As indicated in the picture), the facilitated transport membranes take advantage of the reversible chemical reaction which takes place between the CO2 molecules and the reactive amine carrier, significantly promoting the transport of CO2 across the membrane. Non-reactive components will only transport through the membrane via the physical solution-diffusion mechanism. Also to achieve high CO2 flux, the permeate gas is connected to a vacuum to obtain a high driving force. Therefore, ANDRITZ’s membrane separation process has simultaneously high CO2 permeability and CO2 selectivity over other designs.

Depending on the CO2 concentration in the flue gas, the required amount of CO2 to be captured, ANDRITZ will design a unique solution securing the lowest operating costs for removing the CO2 from the flue gas.

The key features of ANDRITZ membrane separation process are:

  • Advanced polymer membrane with facilitated transport mechanism working at saturated flue gas streams (50 – 60 ° C)
  • Membrane contains amine-based carriers with high selectivity for CO2
  • High performance membranes lead to light footprint and low space requirement compared to amine scrubber
  • Vacuum pumps (0.4 bar) required to generate the driving force over the membrane
  • No absorbents required, no heat or steam needed, no waste streams

Cooperation with Aqualung (leading membrane technology provider)

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