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01/08 2022: Cikaengan 1, Indonesia – Starting commercial operation 

Cikaengan 1 Mini Hydropower Plant, with a capacity of 3 x 1.748 MW, is located in Garut, West Java and utilizes the Cikaengan River to produce renewable hydroelectric energy.


In May 2017, ANDRITZ signed the contract with PT. Petro Hidro Optima, a subsidiary of The Kalla Group, for the design, manufacturing, transport, installation and commissioning of the turbines, generators, electric overhead travelling (EOT) crane, mechanical and electrical balance of plant, protection and automation of Cikaengan 1.

The management of PT. Petro Hidro Optima proudly highlighted that Cikaengan 1 Mini Hydropower Plant has successfully achieved Commercial Operations Date (COD) as originally planned and contractually committed in their power purchase agreement. Therefore, they conveyed their gratitude and thanks to ANDRITZ as well to PT. Petro Hidro Optima project teams which constructively worked together to achieve the challenging timeline, even during restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Josef M. Ullmer, President Director of PT. ANDRITZ Hydro would like to thank PT. Petro Hidro Optima management and project team for their excellent cooperation during project execution and to achieve COD.


April 2022: Challenges and opportunities in hydropower development

Listrik Indonesia Magazine together with the Indonesia Hydropower Association (INAHA), the Hydropower Developers Association (APPLTA) supported by PT Andritz Hydro held a virtual event titled Accelerating Indonesia's Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities for Hydro Power Development on Wednesday April 20th, 2022.


Also present at the event were the Chairperson of the Expert Council of the Indonesian Electricity Magazine Herman Darnel Ibrahim, the Director General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Rida Mulyana. In addition, also present as speakers include Nasri Sebayang Chairman of INAHA, Zulfan Zahar Chairman of APPLTA, Zainal Arifin EVP Engineering & Technology PT PLN (Persero), Nick Wright Senior Vice President Sarawak Energy, Stephan Garnier Lead Energy Specialist, Energy Program Coordinator for Indonesia and Timor Leste, M. Sofyan Vice Chairman of INAHA and Josef M. Ullmer President Director of PT ANDRITZ Hydro.

In the Webinar, Nasri Sebayang said, the development of a sustainable Hydroelectric Power Plant generally takes a long time, namely through the Initial Stage that have been implemented, the Preparation Stage, the Construction Stage (Implementation Stage) and the Operation Stage in order to be able to answer the challenges in terms of technical, environmental, social, economic and funding aspects.

"For this reason, it is now necessary to begin preparation and implementation activities for the development and establishment of hydropower in Indonesia because 2030 is basically short enough to be able to build hydropower according to the target," said Nasri.

Meanwhile, Zainal Arifin revealed, in the 2021-2030 PLN RUPTL there is a plan to add hydropower, mini hydro power plant and pump storage to reach 10.4 GW by 2030. To achieve a 23% energy mixture, a gradual addition of 4.2 GW of hydropower, mini hydro power plant and pump storage is required with system requirements. He mentioned that the Jatigede hydro power plant is under construction at 110 MW, Peusangan 1-2 at 88 MW, Asahan III 174 MW and Upper Cisokan 1040 MW.

Seeing such great potential, ANDRITZ Hydro also supports hydroelectric power projects in Indonesia. Josef M. Ullmer describes some of the projects that ANDRITZ Hydro has worked on. ANDRITZ Hydro is one of the world's largest suppliers of hydroelectric electro-mechanical equipment with more than 180 years of experience and has built more than 430,000 MW of hydropower plants worldwide.

Until now, PT ANDRITZ Hydro has contributed to the construction of 36 hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 2,300 MW, micro hydro power plants with a total installed capacity of more than 170 MW as many as 46 units and rehabilitating more than 350 MW both hydropower and hydropower plants. On September 4th, 2019, PT ANDRITZ Hydro has signed a contract for the construction of PLTA Asahan 3 with a capacity of 2 x 87 MW for hydro-mechanical work (Penstock and Gates).

In addition, Zulfan Zahar highlighted the development of hydropower in Indonesia. According to him, so that new renewable energy (NRE) in Indonesia can develop quickly, make NRE a priority, then PLN must use NRE in development planning, tariffs with reasonable returns, direct project appointments, feed-in tariffs for small-scale capacities. "What needs to be considered again is related to the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), bankable financing, fairness of risk sharing and BOOT as an option," concluded Zulfan.


April 2022: Decoration of Honor in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria for Dr. Josef M. Ullmer, President Director of PT ANDRITZ Hydro Indonesia and Senior Vice President Asia and Oceania

On Friday, 25 of March 2022, the Charge d’Affaires of the Austrian Embassy Jakarta, Philipp Roessl BA, MAIS, conferred to Dr. Josef M. Ullmer the Decoration of Honor in Gold for services to the Republic of Austria awarded by the President of the Republic of Austria, H.E. Alexander van der Bellen.


During the Award Reception Philipp Roessl highlighted Dr. Josef M. Ullmer’s contribution to promoting Austrian technology and expertise in the field of hydro power generation to utilize sustainable renewable energy resources for carbon free emission electricity generation.

“During his nearly 4-decade long career with Andritz, Dr. Josef M. Ullmer succeeded with the strong support from his Austrian and Asian colleagues in the design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of more than 28.000 MW of hydro power plants for numerous world-famous clients in Asia and Oceania – 2.863MW of which were installed in Indonesia alone – producing clean renewable electricity and more are under construction.

In addition to his achievements in the field of renewable energy and in his business endeavors, Dr. Josef M. Ulmer has also set an example with his social activities. His high social values are expressed through contributions such as fund raising to enable technical graduate students to achieve their graduation during 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, supporting victims of the 2004 Tsunami, providing funds for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Bhutan, and through providing ambulances for a center for children with disabilities in Shimla, India. 

Dr. Josef M. Ullmer is an extraordinary Austrian whose internationally recognized success, cultural awareness, social commitment, and active promotion of Austrian know-how and expertise have strengthened the image of Austria and its people abroad. He has thus acted as an Austrian Brand and Cultural Ambassador actively improving Austria’s reputation abroad." said Mr. Philipp Roessl.

During his thank you note, Dr. Josef M. Ullmer pointed out his humble gratefulness for this Austrian Award recognizing his hard work and commitment to Austrian success.

"If you want to be successful, you have to be committed, but commitment and hard work also depend on the circumstances. So there needs to be a combination of hard work, luck and opportunity. Some opportunities are created and others must be sought. Many people only remember success, but I must confess my first assignment in Indonesia was to close our operation and exit Indonesia. Obviously, I failed my first assignment as I am still here and have created a strong sustainable Andritz company in Indonesia and many more in Asia and Oceania in my career. 
This all would not be possible with the support of all my colleagues who contributed tremendously to this success. Hence, I never forget them as well as my understanding and supporting family to make this happen. Who helped me stand up when I fell, who supported me continuously and tirelessly. 
It’s important to stay positive especially in these complicated times of social distancing based on Covid as well as uncertainties of the current conflict in the Ukraine. But most of all it is important to stop global warming and to accelerate the energy transition to achieve net zero carbon emission as quickly as possible. 
This, of course, has always been one of my main missions, which in recent years has become increasingly important. The issue of climate change cannot be tackled alone but requires a worldwide commitment.”


March 2022: ANDRITZ Hydro locations in India and Indonesia obtained the ISO 55001 Asset Management System certification

The global ISO 55001 standard establishes the requirements to guarantee an asset management system aimed at maximizing performance and mitigating risks.


ANDRITZ positions itself as a first-rate partner for operation and maintenance of hydro power plants and is expanding this service business gradually. For better support of this market approach, the ISO 55001 standard certification for the O&M asset management system is being implemented step-by-step worldwide.

With the growing demand for optimization of operation and maintenance services of hydropower plants also in India and Southeast Asia, ANDRITZ Hydro India and ANDRITZ Hydro Indonesia have both successfully finished the ISO 55001 Asset Management System (AMS) certification. Already in December 2020, ANDRITZ Hydro Italy was the first location, successfully certified. 

With fully functional local monitoring centers, the O&M teams in both countries are pleased and proud to serve and to optimize the performance of our clients’ hydropower assets and hence increase their revenues.

Check out the certificate ISO 5501 for Indonesia.



February 2022: Minakami, Japan – Refurbishment of Francis turbine unit

End of 2021, ANDRITZ was awarded a contract from TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. for the refurbishment of the generation unit of the Minakami Hydro Power Station, located on the river Tone in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


Project objectives are replacement of the turbine including MIV, the generator, high-pressure unit and the control systems. The scope of the contract comprises design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, supply, erection supervision and commissioning of the 19,65 MW Francis unit.

The new turbine for the generating unit of Minakami is going to be manufactured in Ravensburg, Germany whereas the generator will be manufactured by ANDRITZ in Bhopal, India. An international team of ANDRITZ from Germany, India, and Japan is going to execute the project. Commissioning is scheduled for Spring 2025.
This contract is an important step for Compact Hydro and ANDRITZ is proud to be part of this refurbishment.

Technical details:
Electrical output: 21,4 MVA
Turbine mechanical output: 1 x 19,65 MW
Head: 127,41 m
Voltage: 11 kV
Speed: 375 rpm
Runner diameter: 1,510 mm


February 2022: Cikaengan 2, Indonesia - Take Over Certificate obtained 

Cikaengan 2 is a mini hydropower plant with a capacity of 2 x 3.65 MW and is located in Garut Regency, West Java, Indonesia. The plant utilizes the Cikaengan River to produce renewable and sustainable electrical power.

In December 2016, ANDRITZ signed the contract with PT. Cikaengan Tirta Energi, a subsidiary of Nippon Koei Japan, for the design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and commissioning of the penstock, gates, complete electro-mechanical equipment, as well as for the electrical and mechanical Balance of Plant, communication and control protection and excitation systems including a 20 kV distribution line for power evacuation and own use.

In November 2021, the Cikaengan 2 mini hydropower plant has successfully obtained the TOC (Taking Over Certificate). 

Technical Data: 
Output: 2 x 3.82 MW
Head : 101.55 m
Voltage: 6.6 kV
Speed: 750 rpm 
Runner diameter: 780 mm


January 2022: Asahan 3, Indonesia – On-site manufacturing has begun

In October 2021, the on-site manufacturing of the penstocks for Asahan 3, Indonesia has begun.

The project is located downstream of Lake Toba on the Asahan River and southeast of the city of Medan, North Sumatera, Sumatera Island.

In September 2019, ANDRITZ signed a contract with the state-owned utility PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) (PLN) for the hydro-mechanical equipment and metal works at the Asahan 3 hydropower plant. ANDRITZ’ scope of supply comprises 12 roller gates, six intake trash racks, one Intake Trashrack Cleaning Machine, steel penstock with bifurcation, two draft tube roller gates, all with hoists and stop logs, as well as a butterfly valve with a diameter of 5.3m. An international ANDRITZ Hydro team from Austria and Hydro Indonesia executes the project together. Completion and commissioning are planned for February 2024. 

Asahan 3 will add a total capacity of 174 MW of renewable sustainable green energy to PLN’s transmission network in Sumatra and is an important milestone for Indonesia’s regional electricity grid development, generating dependable low-cost electricity, and adding to the country’s commitment to increase the share of renewables in its total energy mix. 

This contract award is another outstanding achievement and contributes to an over a century long success story of ANDRITZ in Indonesia. Continuing its dedication and excellence in supplying electro-mechanical equipment and full life cycle services “from water-to-wire" for hydropower projects to all of its customers for the benefit of the people of Indonesia. 

Technical Data
Total output: 174 MW (2 x 87MW)
Penstock length: 337 m
Penstock diameter: 5.3/ 5.1/ 3.8/ 3.3/ 2.9 m
Steel: 1,575 tonnes
Static Pressure: 200.10 mWC
Design Pressure: 247.51 mWC
Height of Surge Tank: 50 m
Diameter of Surge Tank: 14.00 m



December 2021: We sincerely wish you and your family all the best for the festive season and a happy, successful, joyful and above all healthy year 2022!


December 2021: EBTKE ConEx 2021 – Webinar

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia EBTKE ConEx 2021 is an integrated event dedicated to drive the growth and development of sustainable energy in Indonesia to reach net zero emission.


The Expert Panels of speakers included:

  • Mr. M. Riza Husni, Chairman of the Hydropower Plant Developers Association (APPLTA), 'Government Role on Renewable Energy Development'
  • Mr. Nasri Sebayang, Chairman of the Indonesia Hydropower Association (INAHA), 'Hydro Power role and development strategy to support Indonesia Commitment on NCD'
  • Mr. M. Sofyan (INAHA) 'The role of hydro Pump Storage to support VRE penetration in energy transition era'
  • Mr. Nick Wright, Senior Vice President Sarawak Energy 'Lesson Learnt from the development of Sarawak Score to establish PT Kayan Hydropower Nusantara – and develop Mentarang River'

Our President Director of PT. ANDRITZ Hydro, Dr. Josef M. Ullmer presented the “Energy Transition Challenges and the Role of Hydro Power to Reach Net Zero Carbon Emission for Indonesia” on 24th November 2021. We would like to thanks to EBTKE, all the speakers and more than 120 participants.

Everybody realized that it takes months to build solar but years of careful planning and execution to build the hydro power plant necessary to add intermittent renewable energy from solar and wind into the system. Therefore, we need to start now.


November 2021: ANDRITZ at the international webinar: Indonesia and Korea Enhancing Special Strategic Partnership and Co-prosperity

PT. ANDRITZ Hydro proud to attend the international webinar: Indonesia and Korea Enhancing Special Strategic Partnership and Co-prosperity on November 9, 2021. 

Source: RMOL Network


This event was organized by The Korean Center of RMOL Network. The keynote speakers are Mr. Erick Thohir, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Indonesia, His Excellency Mr. Park Tae-sung, Ambassador of South Korea to Indonesia, Mr. Umar Hadi, Former Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia to Republic of Korea and Ms. Meutya Hafid, Chairwoman of Commission I of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia.

This webinar also attended by His Excellency Mr. Radames Gomez, Ambassador of Venezuela to Indonesia and Mr. Josef M. Ullmer, President Director of PT. ANDRITZ Hydro.

Andritz Hydro is proud to have a long association and cooperation with Korean companies in Indonesia in the field of renewable green energy on hydro power. ANDRITZ Hydro be able to be the equipment partner for WAMPU HEPP Project (Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. - KOMIPO) and HASANG HEPP Project (PT Binsar Natorang Energi).

We look forward for many upcoming projects and the development of renewable energy sector in the future.


August 2021: Hasang Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hasang Hydroelectric Power Plant utilizes the Aek Kualu River, which empties into Lake Toba to generate electricity.

Hasang Hydroelectric Power Plant – Shaft Mounted Oil Pump (SMOP) Installation


The electricity supply from Hasang Hydroelectric Power Plant with capacity 3 x 17 MW will strengthen the electricity system in Sumatra, especially for the Toba Samosir region that recently developed as the main tourism destination in North Sumatra. Towards a sustainable green energy, PT PEN Indonesia has trusted ANDRITZ Hydro with the Hasang project whose contract signing was in December 2016. The works that ANDRITZ Hydro has delivered successfully in this project include amongst others the complete electromechanical installation as well as commissioning.

In 2021, to realize the continuity in good service and cooperation with client, ANDRITZ Hydro support the client with the Shaft Mounted Oil Pump (SMOP) Installation service in this project. Despite the Covid-19 period, ANDRITZ Hydro team are active to continue the installation and commissioning activities on ongoing project by implementing the strict health protocol according to the government of Indonesia regulations in order to ensure timely completion of the Projects to the full satisfaction of our Customers.

Hasang Hydroelectric Power Plant – Shaft Mounted Oil Pump (SMOP) Installation



August 2021: Peusangan Hydroelectric Power Plant 1 & 2

Peusangan Hydroelectric Power Plant complex located in the Silih Nara area consist of Peusangan 1 & 2, Central Aceh Regency, which planned to generate electricity with a total capacity of 86 MW. 

Peusangan Hydroelectric Power Plant – Switchyard Installation


Despite the Covid-19 period and restrictions, ANDRITZ Hydro Teams are active to continue the installation and commissioning activities for the projects by implementing the strict health protocol according to the government of Indonesia regulations in order to ensure timely completion of the Projects to the full satisfaction of our customer, PT PLN Persero.

Peusangan Hydroelectric Power Plant – Progress Inside the Powerhouse



June 2021: Cikandang


CIKANDANG Mini Hydro Power Plant, with a capacity of 3 x 2 MW is located in Garut on West Java, utilizes the Cikandang River to produce renewable sustainable hydroelectric energy. In January 2019, ANDRITZ Hydro signed the contract with PT. Republika Mandiri Energi, subsidiary of Kalla Group, for the design, manufacture, supply and supervision of installation and commissioning of with the Turbine, Generator, EPS & SCADA for Cikandang HEPP and fully support for the machine configuration for PT. Republika Mandiri Energi. 

On the inauguration ceremony, the Director of PT. Republika Mandiri Energi, Mr. Teguh Wicaksana Sari proudly highlighted that Cikandang Mini Hydro Powerplant has been successfully reach COD (Commercial Operation Date) as originally planned & contractually committed in their Power Purchase Agreement. Therefore, his gratitude and thanks goes to ANDRITZ Hydro as well to PT. Republika Mandiri Energi project team which constructively work together to achieve this challenging timeline. During the restriction of COVID-19, ANDRITZ Hydro still can achieve the COD on time.

Mr. Josef M. Ullmer, CEO of PT. ANDRITZ Hydro, in his speech on the inauguration day, thanked PT. Republika Mandiri Energi project team for the good cooperation to achieve the contractual COD with excellent performance of our supplies in the complete power plant.


June 2021: Expat Award 2020 goes to CEO Josef Ullmer of ANDRITZ HYDRO Indonesia


Mr. Josef Ullmer, President Director of ANDRITZ Hydro in Indonesia, received the Expat Award of the Austrian Economic Chamber to honor his year-long dedication and contribution to the development of hydropower in Asia and Oceania.

The Austrian Export Prizes for 2020 were awarded last week by Harald Mahrer, the president of the Austrian Economic Chamber, watched by a large audience that had tuned in digitally. Just like every year, public attention was once again squarely on Austria’s top exporters. The Export Prizes honor the exceptional involvement and success achieved by Austrian companies on international markets in six categories.

The Expat Award goes to Josef M. Ullmer, the President Director of ANDRITZ Hydro in Indonesia, who as MD and CEO of ANDRITZ Hydro India has already played a decisive role in the company’s success in India and Southern Asia from 2015 to 2019. He is also in charge of ANDRITZ Hydro’s business development and growth in Asia, Australia and Oceania. ANDRITZ’s Hydro business segment has made it the world’s largest provider on the hydraulic power generation and power station renovation market and a beacon provider of innovative technology.

Josef is grateful to receive this prestigious recognition from The Federal Economic Chamber Austria and dedicated this award to all the many supportive colleagues in Austria, Asia and Oceania, who made the continuous export success of ANDRITZ Hydro possible.

The award winners: https://lnkd.in/emr48mS

We congratulate Mr. Ullmer to this award and thank him for his excellent work for our company and the hydropower market.

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