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ANDRITZ has been an active contributor to Indonesia’s hydropower development for more than 100 years.

The first hydropower plants built in Indonesia by ANDRITZ Hydro were Bangoen Purba back in 1910 and Toentang followed in 1912.

To date, ANDRITZ Hydro has contributed to the development of 221 units with a combined capacity of 3,220 MW. This represents a market share of more than 60%. Responding to the positive hydro-market outlook and in readiness to provide client support, ANDRITZ Hydro established a local entity, PT ANDRITZ Hydro, back in 1996.

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Asahan 3

Cirata, West Java, 8 × 126 MW


Lake Toba near Asahan 3, North Sumatra, 2 × 87 MW

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Cirata Hydroelectric Power Plant is situated on the Citarum River in West Java, 100 km southeast of Jakarta and was developed in two stages with COD Cirata I (1986) and Cirata II (1996) by PT. PLN Persero and ANDRITZ Hydro with a total installed capacity of 8 × 126 MW.
With the 1008 MW of renewable sustainable hydro capacity, Cirata Hydroelectric Power Plant plays an important role in stabilizing the grid in the Java-Bali interconnected system, operating with frequent starts-stops, regulating peak load demands and securing frequency regulation.

To keep Cirata Hydroelectric Power Plant state of the art, ANDRITZ Hydro has been entrusted with SCADA, Protection, Governor and Excitation Modernization by PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali since 2007. 

To assure maximum asset availability, PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali and ANDRITZ Hydro have successfully modernized 8 Generator Stators between 2012 to 2020. More info...

In September 2019, ANDRITZ Hydro signed a contract with PT PLN (Persero) for hydraulic steel structure comprising of 8 Gates, 3 Stoplogs, 3 Trash Racks and 1 Inspection Bridge, including automatic cleaning mechanism, Pressure Inlet valve, Penstock including bifurcation for Asahan 3 Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in Asahan Regency in North Sumatra. Asahan 3 HEPP will add a total capacity of 2 × 87 MW of renewable sustainable green energy to PLN’s transmission network in Sumatra. The Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) and the Government of Indonesia jointly financed this project. More info...

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ANDRITZ Hydropower at a glimpse

ANDRITZ Hydropower is one of the world's leading suppliers of electromechanical equipment and services for hydropower stations in the dynamically growing global renewable energy market. Based on 180 years of experience and a global installed capacity of 470 gigawatts, we offer innovative solutions for new and existing hydropower stations, from small hydropower to large-scale plants. State-of-the-art digital solutions, comprehensive services for the operation and maintenance of entire hydropower plants, and turbo generators for the thermal industry complete the portfolio.

  • More than 180 years of turbine experience 
  • Over 31,900 turbines (more than 471,000 MW) installed
  • Complete range up to more than 800 MW
  • Over 125 years electrical equipment experience 
  • Leading in service and rehabilitation
  • More than 100 Compact hydro units per year 

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