IDEAS simulation solutions

Reducing the risk to people, plant, and investment

ANDRITZ offers a suite of simulation solutions that helps industrial operations reduce risk and realize cost savings. Our proprietary simulation tool, IDEAS, is the leading dynamic simulator for the global kraft pulp industry, oil sands, mineral processing, power and water industries.

IDEAS - Optimize the Performance of your Process

With the proven applications throughout the project lifecycle IDEAS is at the forefront of Simulation Technology in our core industries. IDEAS steady-state and Dynamic Simulation capabilities with its industry specific libraries are designed for operational excellence. 


Steady-State simulation

Its powerful steady-state capabilities enable the performance of steady-state mass and energy balances; the tracking of components, compounds, elements and the handling of particle size distributions, all built-in.


Dynamic simulation

IDEAS is a quick and powerful tool that enables users to dynamically model a complete project. It can be used to test and verify design concepts and process control logic - quickly, and at low cost and low risk.

IDEAS offers three different products based on the end-user requirement with various licensing options

IDEAS Packages

IDEAS Bronze

Static (steady-state) version of IDEAS. Commonly used unit operations available.

IDEAS Silver

Combines IDEAS' baseline steady-state capabilities with additional libraries for modeling


Fully interactive model with the capacity to analyse, adjust, and optimize while it is up and running.

IDEAS has been uniquely positioned itself in the new era of Industry 4.0 with applications and solutions ranging from:  


Operational Readiness

With more than 30 years of experience, our Simulation product line-up helps with feasibility studies, P&ID Validation, DCS log checkout, HAZOP Studies, Smooth start-up, Risk-free Operator training.


Online applications

We recognize the Digital Twin Technology is the power of simulation when connected to the real plant. Digital Twin models are at the forefront of modern-day digital Transformation.


Artificial intelligence

Autonomous technology can increase safety, optimize performance, improve system reliability and help to detect problems early.


Dynamic simulation to extend and expand efficiency

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