IDEAS simulation solutions

Reducing the risk to people, plant, and investment

ANDRITZ offers a suite of simulation solutions that helps industrial operations reduce risk and realize cost savings. Our proprietary simulation tool, IDEAS, is the leading dynamic simulator for the global kraft pulp industry, oil sands, mineral processing, power and water industries.

With the proven applications throughout the project lifecycle IDEAS is at the forefront of Simulation Technology in our core industries. IDEAS steady-state and Dynamic Simulation capabilities with its industry specific libraries are designed for operational excellence.

IDEAS - Optimize the Performance of your Process

Simulation through the life cycle of a process plant

Simulation-based engineering

IDEAS Simulation Software

IDEAS high-fidelity Simulation Software offers different products based on the end-user requirement with stand-alone and network licensing options.

IDEAS Packages




Industry specific Add-ons

IDEAS Features

IDEAS is the world’s leading high-fidelity process modeling and simulation software.. IDEAS offers comprehensive features right from the conceptual design phase to many avenues of a project, such as feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering, DCS checkout- verify control logic, DCS pre-setup and testing, plant optimization, and operator training (OTS), accelerating the project to achieve operational readiness.


01. Modeling Capabilities

02. Unique Features

03. Chemistry and Thermodynamic

04. Connectivity

05. Software Licensing

06. Flowsheet Simulation

07. Industries


Dynamic simulation to extend and expand efficiency

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