Sundwig S6-high cold rolling mill

Highest reductions for challenging products

Due to their excellent features, Sundwig S6-high (supported 6-high) rolling mills are mainly used for cold rolling of a wide range of strip hardnesses, widths, and gauges, either in processing lines as high-capacity reduction mills or offline as reversing reduction mills.

Advanced S6-high technology for cold rolling

A special feature of Sundwig S6-high rolling mills are the side-supported work rolls. The patented Sundwig S6-high side support stabilizes the work rolls in this type of mill stand using mechanical, hydraulic lateral support equipment, thus preventing lateral excursion of these rolls. The diameter of the S6-high work rolls is only approximately 30% of the diameter of the 4-high work rolls and double the diameter of those work rolls usually found in a 20-high rolling mill for comparable strip widths. These small work rolls combined with the rugged stand and open design of the lateral support facilitates high pass reduction and transfer of high rolling torques for annealed and pickled, hot-descaled, or black strip.

Besides reduction of the strip thickness, the enhanced shapemeter system with its specific pre-settings for the S6-high mill – actuators tilting, intermediate roll shifting, and intermediate roll bending – provides the desired strip flatness for the customer.

More special features of the S6-high mill, like the large range of work roll diameters, hydraulic position-controlled adjustment of the screw-down cylinders, and the side-support cylinders in side-support beams secured to the mill, separation of intermediate rolls and side-support cassettes, and the large side-support bearing design to withstand high horizontal side-support forces, for instance, offer distinct economic advantages. The high-impact strip drying system enables a safe rolling process up to the maximum rolling speed.

The fully automatic roll change robot enables roll change for work rolls, intermediate rolls, and side support rolls with substantially shortened rolling mill set-up times and, even more importantly, permits contact-free roll change within the shortest time without damaging the rolls.

Also outside the mill stand itself, the entire rolling technology , like the advanced safety concepts, modern fume exhaust system, emulsion or rolling oil filtration, and the hydraulic equipment, is based on the experience of ANDRITZ Sundwig.

Sundwig’s many years of experience with AGC and shape control as well as the advanced mathematical process model and process optimization system secure highest product quality and operating reliability.

S6-high rolling mill technology for AHSS


With more than 20 references for S6-high cold rolling mills, Sundwig is the number-one supplier in this rolling mill technology segment.

  • Offline Single Stand
  • Inline Single Stand
  • Tandem Mill


Strengths and benefits

  • Large roll grinding range
  • High rolling torques transmittable
  • Impact jet cooling system
  • Side-support system secured to the mill
  • Deformation-optimized housing geometry
  • Pre-commissioning at ANDRITZ Sundwig workshops

Mill section of a rolling, annealing, and pickling line (RAPL)

Corresponding E&A models

  • Strip thickness control
  • Strip flatness control
  • Advanced roll force model
  • Strip temperature model
  • Strip flatness model
  • Pass scheduling program
  • Long-term pass schedule and mill pre-set optimization program


The utilization range is even wider when using the S6-high solution in combination with a standard 4-high mill. Read more about our
 4-/S6-High Combination Mills

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