Soutrac II

High-performance Laser Welding System SOUTRAC II for complex curved seams

The advanced system for complex tasks.


Pre-positioning of workpieces


ANDRITZ Soutec developed the innovative SOUTRAC II, today’s world’s most advanced tailored blank laser welding system for complex, curved seams in car body parts. The core piece is the unique 15-axes processing head, which makes the system capable of welding small radii and polynomial seams.

The unique technology optimizes weld seam path engineering for ideal force transmission during the downstream forming process. This is only possible because the system is capable of highly dynamic tracking of seam paths with small radii, combined with the ability to react constantly and quick to varying gap situations. The new high-tech core piece incorporating 15 axes in combination with a welding shuttle concept is now implemented into the new generation of the SOUTRAC II welding system. The continuous measurement seam tracking and quality control system guarantees a stable welding process, meeting the highest quality requirements. Gaps of <0.5 mm between the sheet metal are closed adaptively with SOUFIL® wire and the patented SOUGAP® beam shaping technology.

SOUTRAC II makes it possible to achieve the maximum effect in terms of weight reduction and crash performance of vehicles and resulting in greater passenger safety and improved environmental protection.

Benefits at a glance

  • Globally unique edge tracking and quality control system
  • SOUFIL® adaptive wire feeding for perfect welding under difficult edge conditions
  • SOUGAP® adaptive beam shaping technology to overcome gaps up to 0.5mm and still meeting SEL100 or even higher quality standards.
  • Highest application design freedom
  • Expandable in modules up to the overall concept as a fully automatic welding machine
  • SOUBLOG® 4.0 full traceability and quality data tracking
  • User-friendly control with fault visualization and remote maintenance of all modules

The 15-axis process head


Technical data


Maximum welding range

3’800 mm x 2’100 mm (2'300 option)
Maximum blank pos. area5’100 mm x 2’500 mm

Minimum blank size

300 mm (smaller size on request)

Smallest radius

20 mm

Maximum blanks per cycle


Maximum welding seams per cycle


Laser source

fiber laser, disk laser, or diode laser

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