The Contour II fuel tank welder
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Contour II

The fuel tank welder

Bio-fuels, hybrid vehicles, and organic coated material often require steel fuel tanks.

Custom-made tank fixture

Custom-made tank fixture

With seven driven axes, the innovative fuel tank fixture system as well as the wire electrode current system, welding fuel tanks with complex concave and convex three-dimensional weld seams is possible. Terne-coated steel, electro-coated Zn-Ni and galvanneal, hot-dipped tin and stainless steels can all be welded on this machine.

Benefits at a glance

  • High complex 3D tank design can be welded without any problem
  • Weld speed up to 9 m/min for steel fuel tanks
  • Integration in a fully automated production line easily possible
  • Production of various tank designs in alternative mode (fixture and program change within seconds)
  • Organic, aluminized, and galvanized coating can be processed due to patented wire profile
  • Stainless steel can be processed
  • Low energy consumption (30 kVA) due to wire electrode and PULSAR frequency converter
  • No electrode redressing necessary (constant welding condition)
  • A fuel tank fixture with its CNC program allows easy adjustment of the weld path (geometry), without the need for mechanical adjustment
  • Tank templates with direct mechanical correlations to the shape of the tank are no longer needed, it therefore eliminates costly re-work of the original template if the design should change (with some limitations)
The Contour II fuel tank welder

The Contour II fuel tank welder

Example of 3D welded tank

Example of 3D welded tank

Technical data

Welding dimensionsmax. 2,200 x 2,200 mm | 86” x 86”
Material thickness0.5-2.0 mm | 0.02”-0.079”
Copper wire2.5 mm | (0.1”) profiled
Weld speedUp to 9 m/min., 30 ft/min

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