VSTW-RBa for outer weld
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The manual stitchwelder for inside and outside pipe bends / elbows

The inside/outside elbow welder allows leak-proof welding of pressed preformed, pre-fabricated half shells measuring 80-314 mm or 3.15 – 12 inches. Electro-plated material can be welded as well as stainless grades.

VSTW-RBa for outer weld

VSTW-RBa for outer weld

Benefits at a Glance

  • Specially designed for inner and outer pipe bend seams
  • Simple design
  • High weld speed with a constant good seam quality
VSTW-RBi for inner weld

VSTW-RBi for inner weld

Inner seam

Inner seam

Technical Data

Elbow diametermin. 80 mm | 3.15“
max. 315 mm | 12"
Material thickness0.3 – 0.9 mm | 0.012 - 0.035"
Copper wire2.0 mm round | 0.078" round
Weld speed2 – 9 m/min | 6.6 – 30 ft/min 
Set of welding arm diameters80 mm | 3.15”
100-125 mm | 4-5”
140-200 mm | 5.5-8”
225-315 mm | 9-12”

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