Dedicated tooling sets for each diameter


The automatic half-shell welding machine

The VARB is a fully automated variant of the VSTW-RBi-RBa for elbow with a maximum diameter of 200 mm (8").

The VARB automated stitchwelder

The VARB automated stitchwelder

Depending on the requirement, the pre-fabricated half shells can be placed into the tools manually or automatically by a robot. The weld operation is fully automatic and has consistent quality.

The VARB is best suited for applications with a high degree of automation and large production runs that need to be handled in a cost-efficient manner. The VARB requires a separate clamping and holding tool for each pipe bend diameter. No more than 10 minutes are normally needed for retooling, including time for changing of material and adjustment of parameters.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully automated pipe bend welding machine with radius 1
  • High welding speed
  • High reproduction rate because the weld process is guided with shells
  • Very good quality of the seam even at the beginning and the end
  • Integration in a fully automated production line easily possible
Dedicated tooling sets for each diameter

Dedicated tooling sets for each diameter

Technical data

Elbow diametermin. 80 mm | 3.15”
max. 200 mm | 8”
Material thickness0.3 – 0.9 mm | 0.012 – 0.035"
Copper wire2.0 mm round | 0.078" round
Weld speed2 – 9 m/min | 6.6 – 30 ft/min

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