ANDRITZ Soutec service and support for welding systems

Customer focus is our motivation

Our Service is focused on the continuous improvement of our products and is enabling our customers to realize productivity improvement with existing systems. 

The benchmark for our activities is complete customer satisfaction, which is the prerequisite of our success. After the purchase of a system, it is our goal to please our customers with fast reaction times, efficient solutions and problem solving, and a fair pricing policy.

To offer competent and fast services to all of our world-wide located customers, we operate from our service center locations in Europe, the US, and in the Far East. From all of these service centers our highly qualified personnel is readily available at your services.


24-hour hotline & remote assistance via direct internet connection

In today’s manufacturing environment, the key elements are high productivity and a stable, uninterrupted production environment. Through our offered services and preventive maintenance we want to help preventing production issues and unscheduled down time before they become a problem for our customers. Regular technical service performed by our service personnel is not only a guarantee for the uninterrupted operation of the systems, but also maintains and updates systems on the most recent technology level. Efficiency improvements of machines and systems that have been in operation for many years can be often achieved by retrofitting specific machine components. Such retrofitting can be scheduled and executed at our customers’ preferred and defined time periods.

A smooth supply of parts and accessories is a corner stone in the service department. Our worldwide network assures a fast and reliable delivery of spare parts and accessories around the globe, and our logistics system will deliver required components within the shortest time possible.

ANDRITZ Soutec offers a 24-hours hotline:

  • Step 1: 24-hour hotline & remote assistance via direct internet connection, attended by our highly educated engineers. Approximately 80% of all service cases can be solved via the remote assistance.
  • Step 2: The specialists in the headquarters in Switzerland get involved.

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