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A design based on experience

Given the age of existing refiners still in operation, repair and maintenance options have become limited. Operators now need to consider replacement of these old refiners. Such a decision can be difficult due to the substantial project costs and effort required for installation of new refiners. This is not just about replacing the outdated equipment with a new machine. It is about the fact that the existing interfaces and installations have to be adapted accordingly in order to prepare for installation of the exchange refiner.


The challenge

  • The old refiner installation has fixed dimensions and connection points for the refiner and its drive train.
  • Changing the refiner fillings on old refiners is often very time-consuming due to limited access, causing also the risk of injury.
  • The old refiners are mainly equipped with maintenance intensive stuffing boxes.
  • The old refiner casings and doors are often made of cast components that suffer cracks and corrosion after decades in operation.

The new ANDRITZ TFC solution

  • allows simple connection to the existing drive train by using the appropriate coupling design.
  • is equipped with a swing door and a rotor changing device that ensures a fast and safe changing routine of the refiner fillings.
  • needs only one process seal and is already prepared for installation of a mechanical seal.
  • has an improved design that consists of prefabricated components that can be combined according to the customer’s needs.

The construction of this refiner design allows a wide range of requirements to be covered through the combination of the various modules.

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