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ANDRITZ service and spares for JC/RF refiners

ANDRITZ services, rebuilds, and provides spare and wear parts for equipment from all major OEMs.

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER - JC/RF refiner systems

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The challenge

Safety and highest energy efficiency at the best possible fiber quality are very important topics in every mill. To make improvements in safety and also achieve excellent overall performance, even with moderate investment, needs new ideas. So it is always good to have alternatives. Even if you are reasonably happy with your current service supplier, we invite you to see what ANDRITZ can offer you.  

The ANDRITZ solution

ANDRITZ has vast experience in supplying and maintaining products, processes, and services in the pulp and paper industry and can provide this expertise and support for virtually any OEM machine or system. Achieving highest availability and excellent overall performance with new plate designs or small modernizations on the machinery is our daily business.

ANDRITZ consistently follows a zero-accident strategy and supports any improvements in safety. Rebuilding your refiner to a swing-door design and segmented refiner plates eliminates the need to lift heavy parts. It also eliminates the risks involved in plate change.

ANDRITZ Low-Consistency Protection System (LCPS)

The ANDRITZ LCPS is a unique measurement device for low-consistency refiners. With its closed loop control, up to four LC refiners and their plates are monitored 24 hours a day.

It provides condition monitoring features for online vibration trending, and automatically detects and prevents imminent plate contact. There is no unprotected moment where refiner plates can touch or be destroyed. The customer knows the status of the equipment connected at any given second and can predict faults at an early stage. Unscheduled plant stoppages because of plate breakages can be avoided. This will be a great benefit in protecting your equipment, saving on maintenance costs, enhancing the availability of your system.

We want to be your long-term partner to guarantee the most efficient and safest use of your existing set-up.

LCPS - Low Consistency Refiner Protection System

Machine condition monitoring and trending 24/7. The different vibration measurement functions replace manual equipment measurements. With the functions provided, the equipment status can be monitored 24 hours per day regardless of manpower availability. You know the status of the equipment connected at any moment and you can predict any faults at an early stage. This advantage, combined with the unique plate failure protection, will boost plant availability to the maximum.

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Our service

Comprehensive service to support customer processes: from replacement parts to complete mill maintenance...

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Automation for the pulp and paper industry

Optimization, data analysis, augmented reality

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Stock preparation

Excellent fiber processing for all paper and board grades.

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