Modern reject equipment for deinking and industrial recycled paper grades

From trash to treasure – rejects are valuable and can generate income

Recycled fiber lines generate a wide range of rejects at various points of origin and with very different properties. Rejects are remarkably inhomogeneous, with a wide variety of particle sizes, densities, dry contents, etc. – this makes effective processing a challenging task. The careful design of each piece of reject equipment and the configuration of the reject system are decisive in converting the rejects into valuable sources of energy or new raw materials.

The following major unit operations are used for treating the various rejects and processing them in order to obtain clean fractions:

  • Cutting and shredding to set the desired particle size
  • Mechanical dewatering and compacting
  • Ballistic separation of heavy particles, such as stones and bricksCoarse and fine metal separation
  • Screening by particle size
  • Sorting of unwanted materials and impurities
  • "Ancillary processes" and unit operations such as sand separation or channel screening
  • Conveying, bunkering and dosing the rejects

The respective reject equipment must be combined and arranged properly to achieve maximum benefit.

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