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Vacuum drum filter - VDrF

A rotary vacuum drum filter is one of the oldest filters applied in the chemical process industry. It consists of a drum which is divided into sectors, each forming a separate vacuum cell. The cake can be washed easily on drum filters.

Following the acquisition of KHD-Filtrationstechnik and continuous further development work with 760 vacuum drum filters supplied, ANDRITZ can also draw on extensive filtration know-how in this sector. Experience gathered in pressure and vacuum filtration over more than 30 years has been applied in practice in this latest generation.

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Special features of the rotary vacuum drum filter

  • Large number of cells on the drum circumference
  • Large cross sections
  • Replacement of filter cloth from cell to cell
  • Filtrate piping optionally inside or outside the drum
  • Selective washing of the filter cake

Design of the rotary vacuum drum filter

  • Stub shaft screwed to drum face ends
  • Cell partition strips, made of GRP, bolted to the drum in axial and radial directions and used for cell-to-cell securing of the filter cloth; no wire winding
  • Swing-type agitator
  • Cake discharge by
    • scraper with snap-blow
    • belt discharge
    • roller

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