ecoOne pusher centrifuge

ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne

The ecoOne technology is designed to reduce operating expenditures and ecological footprint. The most striking feature is the ecoOne motor design which guarantees maximum electrical efficiency and a reduction of power consumption of up to 20%.

ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne operating principle

ecoOne pusher centrifuge

ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne with a combined pushing and drive motor


ecoOne motor design

Traditional pusher centrifuges have a separate pusher and drive motor, whereas centrifuges with ecoOne design only have one common motor. Since the full load of the drive motor is only required during the start-up process, it only operates at partial load during regular operation. At partial load electric motors operate at much lower efficiency and additionally a big portion the power which is drawn from the grid which is converted to blind power (phase shift). Both together sums up to reduction potential of 20% for both consumed and installed power.

Design benefits of the ecoOne pusher centrifuge

Besides the ecoOne motor design the ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne is equipped with several innovative features. The centrifuge baskets are designed in a way that the machine can easily be transformed onsite from a two stage machine to a three stage/or PreFiltration machine without the need to replace the complete baskets. This an economic way of adjusting the machine to varying process conditions during its lifetime.

Additional benefits of ecoOne design are:

  • The consumption of lubricant is reduced by 40%
  • The weight is reduced by 10%
  • The footprint is reduced by 10%
  • Easy conversion from 2 stages to 3 stages

Cartridge design

Pusher centrifuges are often operated with highly corrosive and abrasive products. In such applications, regular inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure the efficiency and safe operation of the centrifuges. ANDRITZ pusher centrifuges rely on the well proven cartridge technology. The entire rotating unit is pulled out of the centrifuge in one piece without having to disconnect the machine's piping. During maintenance, a replacement cartridge from stock can be installed, so that the interruption of production is usually less than one shift.

GentleFeed system

An underestimated problem is particle breakage. This occurs in almost all centrifugation processes and is problematic because high fines in the discharged product are usually undesirable. It also has a negative effect on the residual moisture of the cake, and the loss of fines into the filtrate. Although pusher centrifuges already treat the solids relatively gently, as they do not require a conveying device such as a screw to transport the solids, investigations have shown that high shear forces and corresponding particle breakage occur in the area of the feed system. 

In the feed area of a pusher centrifuge, the suspension is accelerated to a circumferential speed of over 100 km/h over a distance of a few decimeters. If this is not done in a directed and uniform manner, high shear forces occur, which lead to heavy wear in the centrifuge and particle breakage. ANDRITZ centrifuges use the well proven GentleFeed technology, in which a geometry reminiscent of a pump impeller gently accelerates the suspension.

Processing parameters


ecoOne pusher centrifuge

ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne, the next generation pusher centrifuge


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