PrimeService by ANDRITZ Novimpianti

For air and energy systems of all kinds of paper machines

Maintaining equipment is the best way to maximize efficiency of tissue, paper and board machines. Air and energy system analysis by ANDRITZ Novimpianti, confirms that regular scheduled maintenance reduces downtime by as much as 75%, when applied to paper and tissue machines and processes. 

Service packages have evolved to the extent that now, most breakdowns are completely avoidable with the correct and timely maintenance. We offer scheduled packages for maintaining complete machines and processes, to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum downtime. 

As well as improving uptime, scheduled maintenance can also play a major part in improving Overall Equipment Efficiency and maximizing energy efficiency. This is particularly relevant in times of increasing energy prices and supply volatility.


The instrumentation portfolio ANDRITZ Novimpianti is employed to carry out specialized audits, including the Survey Green Paper which seeks to identify and isolate any deficiencies or energy losses being incurred on tissue, or paper and board machines.

Scheduled maintenance packages are designed by ANDRITZ Novimpianti in close collaboration with the customer, detailing which systems and components need to be regularly serviced. Together with the customer’s technical department, a servicing frequency plan is established, with an outline of the machine condition requirements.

Scheduled maintenance is performed following a checklist of inspections, defined with the customer, which is filled in at each service visit. In addition, a final report is provided to the customer that contains all the results and respective recommendations for machine optimization. Subsequently, follow up meetings are scheduled with the customer to set the date for the next inspection.


In case of emergency

As in all industrial processes, even with scheduled maintenance, unplanned problems and events do occur. ANDRITZ Novimpianti has skilled people covering all eventualities at its service centers, who are dedicated to keep paper and tissue machines and processes running, with advice and readily accessed spare parts.  

ANDRITZ Novimpianti runs its spare parts division on a just-in-time basis with critical components always in stock to avoid a complete breakdown.


Our world-class products and experienced Applications Engineering teams, and strategically located global manufacturing plants continue to deliver documented value for our customers. With our innovative patented product portfolio of fabrics, felts, belts, roll covers, SMART™ Technology machine automation systems, spreader rolls, and mechanical services, ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls provides these industries with tailored solutions designed to optimize the performance of production equipment and reduce the costs of their operations.

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