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ANDRITZ Sindus safety

Aiming to maintain a safety culture with a focus on prevention, Sindus ANDRITZ seeks to create a safe environment for all employees. We develop a culture of preventive safety and establish a long-term sense of awareness. ANDRITZ provides all employees, as well as all other people directly and indirectly involved in its business activities, with a safe and appropriate work environment. We will continue to implement measures to further increase the safety of our team, with the ultimate goal of taking care of the environment, having healthy people and avoiding accidents.

Our concern for accidents is emphasized in the ANDRITZ Group's ESG goals, stressing that the safety of our employees is a top priority. Our processes pursue the goal of zero accidents, high awareness of active care and awareness of risk wherever we operate, our priority is to perform services safely first.

Reinforcing our constant concern to further improve our Occupational Health and Safety processes, we are certified in ISO 45001: 2018 since 2019 by the ABS certifying organization.

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