Speciality chemicals

Sustainable and responsible

Efficient separation solutions that inspire green chemistry

The impact of global warming, climate change, and population growth on our world, our planet, and our daily lives are the challenges that are becoming more complex as we seek solutions to maintain health and well-being. Looking at the past we understand that it is very likely that chemistry will be at the basis of the solutions to face these challenges. Formerly, state-of-the-art discoveries in chemistry gave us water to drink, dried food products to store and more.

Conserve, reduce and boost

Today the speciality chemical industry produces a vast range of materials that can be used to conserve resources, reduce waste and boost efficiency. These materials are sometimes referred to as “performance” or “formulation” chemicals because many other industry sectors rely on them. Products like adhesives, additives, polymers, flavors, surfactants among others, are delivered to the automotive, pulp and paper and food and feed industry.

To counteract negative impacts on our climate, the global aim of speciality chemical producers is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make existing technologies energy efficient and generate renewable energy. Digital technology and circular economy are key drivers in their quest and the targets are laid down in sustainability and responsible care programs.

Chemistry solutions with a green reaction

Many of the speciality chemical manufacturing processes involve mixing, heating, cooling and separation process steps. To fully optimize production, ANDRITZ specialists work closely together with the chemical industry towards green chemistry production plants that respond to consumer demands.

For example, in our pilot plants around the world, next generation dewatering and drying solutions are developed and tested. Whether you are a start-up with a great idea for creating new surfaces or upcycling waste, or a partner with a need to improve efficiency in an existing process, our team is ready to support – all backed by proven service and innovative automation solutions.

Speciality chemicals

Key application areas

We have the in-depth process knowledge and a wide range of separation technologies to help make your operation successful, no matter whether you’re producing or recycling additives, adhesives, crosslinkers, sealants, flavors, sweeteners, detergents, building material or other speciality chemicals.

How we can support your production process

ANDRITZ specialists have gained extensive knowledge on dewatering, filtration and drying processes through multiple stand-alone and turn-key batch and bulk projects at different (multi-national) speciality chemical manufacturing plants. They know that each type of raw material, being it adhesives, flavors, sweeteners, or healthcare ingredients, requires a different production method. With innumerous installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results whilst guaranteeing minimum downtime.

Our current portfolio enables us to provide next generation dewatering and drying solutions for the innumerous manufacturing processes in the field of speciality chemicals such as sustainable nutrition, advanced transportation and much more.

The right solution for your separation challenge


Pusher centrifuge

The Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge is a continuous filtration centrifuge for solid/liquid separation. It is designed to perform reliably and efficiently even under rough process conditions. Learn more about this technology.

Paddle dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is a fully enclosed machine that guarantees safe handling of food products and can be customized to meet your needs. Importantly, the machine design offers easy accessibility for cleaning purposes. Learn more about this technology.

Plate dryer

The ANDRITZ plate dryer is used for continuous drying of free-flowing bulk materials. It has been proven in over 400 applications and is available in atmospheric, gas-tight or vacuum configurations. The ANDRITZ plate dryer gently dries sensitive, toxic and solvent-containing products without damage to the environment. Learn more about this technology.

Decanter centrifuge ACZ

The ANDRITZ Decanter Censor ACZ was developed for plastics recycling. Plastics recycling has become much more specialized and so the design of new products must increasingly focus on recycling aspects. New, improved technologies have been developed in response to current concerns about the recycling of products at the end of their lifetime. Learn more about this technology.

Fluid bed dryer

The ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer can be designed as a dryer only, as a cooler only, or as a combination of dryer and cooler. The heat and mass transfer between the fluidization gas and the product is purely convective. The material of construction can range from carbon steel to high-alloy clad carbon steel for parts in contact with the product. Learn more about this technology.

Helix dryer

Gentle and efficient drying is a crucial requirement in modern manufacturing plants. Other demands are maximum flexibility, minimum product loss, contamination-free product handling, and fully automated cleaning. The ANDRITZ Gouda helix dryer has it all. It can be used to dry a wide range of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Learn more about this technology.

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