Solutions you can count on for various processes around separation, purification, and recycling

Looking for a carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly, and sustainable way of manufacturing chemicals and pharmaceuticals? Interested in applying future-proof processes that will allow coming generations to enjoy the chemical innovations of today? When it comes to separation technologies and services that help you to achieve your goals, no one has broader capabilities than ANDRITZ Separation.

A partner with the know-how and ability to provide differentiated solutions to support recycling and the circular economy

ANDRITZ understands the challenges that the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are facing. The need to move from being a traditional company to an agile organization able to adapt to the current market trends requires companies to be self-aware and flexible. With ANDRITZ as your partner, you can count on reliable solutions that treat chemicals with the required care and consistently deliver top-quality end products.

What’s more, ANDRITZ also has extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment as well as being a proven partner for process licenses. And last, but not least: We know that uptime is as important as performance, so our service engineers are also always close by and available 24/7.

How can you feed a nation of 252,000,000 people?

How do you optimize throughput and purity of sodium bicarbonate?

Key application areas
Agrochemicals and Fertilizers

Solutions for pesticides, NPK products, ammonium sulfate, urea, phosphoric acid, DCP, and many more.

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Petrochemicals and Polymers

Solutions for PVC, PC, HDPE, BPA, Melamin, PET, PMMA, ABS, and many more.

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Soda ash and technical salts

Solutions for soda ash, NaCl, bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, potassium sulfate and many more.

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Speciality chemicals

Solutions for titanium oxide, silicium dioxide, pigments and

dyes, and other related applications as well as mineral oil separation.

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Solutions for API's, antibiotics, vitamins, intermediates, and other pharmaceuticals.


Process know-how and broad portfolio

ANDRITZ specialists have obtained extensive knowledge on separation, solidification, clarification and drying through multiple stand-alone and turnkey projects at different (multi-national) chemical manufacturers’ production plants. And they know that each type of material – be they polymers, APIs, superabsorbents, lithium, polyethylene glycol, PET, BPA, fertilizer, food additives like amino acids, or otherwise – requires a different production method. With an endless number of installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results with very little downtime. In pilot plants around the world, data is evaluated and then used to generate new revenue streams.

With our current portfolio, we are able to respond to the requirements for efficient manufacturing with low energy consumption, also using digitalization for monitoring and control purposes.

This portfolio covers everything from decanter centrifuges with gentle feeder technology for clarification of liquids, thickening of sludges, and separation of solids to ACZ decanter centrifuges for efficient plastics recycling, filter presses with moisture sensors, ecoOne pusher centrifuges with energy-efficient drives, flexible and versatile drum flakers for solidification of BPA and PEG, paddle dryers and coolers for super-absorbents, helix dryers and PUREVO peeler centrifuges for APIs, plate dryers and fluid bed dryers for polymers, and dynamic crossflow filters for clarification of liquids and for concentrating and washing of solids in a broad variety of chemical and biochemical products. Drum dryers with a continuous, indirect drying method and a range of pumps for different steps in the production process round off this portfolio.

ANDRITZ solutions help you to manufacture the chemicals and pharmaceuticals of the future. Whatever your chemical slurry, powder, flake, or granule needs, we most likely have everything you need to create it: the technology, the process knowledge, as well as the service and automation solutions – all built on tested and trusted methods and components.

Let’s be brilliant – together!

We believe that investing in R&D on solid/liquid separation tasks is critical to meeting the demands of tomorrow’s chemical industry. That is why we collaborate continuously with customers and leading universities to go beyond the limits of current technologies. Whether you produce PVC pipes or a new type of fertilizer, you can always find ways of doing it better.

How do we know? Because we do this every day for our customers, many of whom are keen to optimize their processes and improve the purity, flexibility, and strength of their products. Many of our customers work in remote locations all over the world. Sometimes minutes can make a difference and shipping of samples to our labs is not always possible. This is why we provide accessible mobile test equipment so that you can test your end product on site and be assured of an easy transition to industrial scale.

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