Leading solutions for producing native and modified starches

Leading solutions for producing plant-based powders or flakes

Whatever separation, dewatering or drying challenge you are facing, we have the right solution for you.

Better food, better health, better environment

Today’s consumers, whether they are flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or otherwise, are becoming more and more conscious of what they eat: Where does it come from? How is it produced? Is it healthy? This is also why an increasing number of people are incorporating plant-based products into their daily food intake. 

Compared to animal-based products, plant-based food is believed to have a lower carbon footprint, reduce emissions and require less land and water resources. So producing plant-based food with the right taste and mouthfeel is a challenge for food manufacturers, and innovation and finding the correct formula are vital to this task.

A partner that broadens your perspectives and uncovers opportunities

ANDRITZ understands the challenges food manufacturers are facing and is also aspiring to exceed consumers’ demands with regard to better taste, smell, nutrition, naturalness and environmental friendliness. This is why new and innovative processes in food manufacturing focus on plant-based protein like soy and pea, animal-free and alternative dairy products, fermentation, and many other ingredients that consumers see as natural and good for their health.

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Key application areas

Whether you’re producing food or beverages like plant-based protein, alternative dairy drinks, soy, yeast, pea-based products, algae or animal-free meat, we have the in-depth process knowledge and a range of technologies to help make your operation successful.

Mechanical and thermal separation solutions to support your production process

Whatever your plant-based food or beverage needs, we most likely have everything you need to create it: the technology, the process knowledge as well as the service and automation solutions. ANDRITZ equipment helps you to manufacture the plant-based food of the future: real, fresh, wholesome and functional ingredients with a good sensory profile. On top of that, your customers can rely on the sustainability of your process as ANDRITZ offers solutions for the treatment of by-products and waste too, ensuring maximum re-use and efficient production processes.


Process know-how and broad portfolio

ANDRITZ specialists have obtained extensive knowledge on food and beverage dewatering and drying through multiple stand-alone and turnkey projects at different (multi-national) food manufacturers’ production plants. They know that each type of raw material, be they peas, oats, soy, yeast, sourdough, alternative dairy, algae or seaweed, requires a different production method. With an endless number of installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results with very little plant downtime.

With our current portfolio, we are able to respond to the requirements for better taste, good sensory profile, hygiene, viscosity, as well as efficient manufacturing with low energy use.

It covers everything from decanters for vegetable protein and vegan drinks, filter presses, peeler centrifuges and screw presses for starches, as well as contact drum dryers for algae, potatoes, sourdough and protein, or paddle dryers for flour or waste water treatment. We also offer a range of pumps for the different stages of the production process.

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ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F

The ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F, for instance, can concentrate pea protein by means of fiber separation in the first phase and separate liquid from the centrifuged cake in the second and third phases. It is also used for various vegetable oils. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

The siphon basket design of the ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge ensures a constant, low level of residual moisture with high capacities and minimum starch losses in the process. Energy consumption is low due to the constant rotational speed throughout the entire batch operation. In addition, the centrifuge has a reliable emergency system and a highly efficient, automatic CIP cleaning procedure. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer gives various products like algae, potatoes, beetroot, vegetable protein and cacao improved solubility and specific organoleptic properties. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is a fully enclosed machine that guarantees safe handling of food products and can be customized to your demand. Moreover, the machine design pays special attention to accessibility for cleaning purposes. It is used for starch for example, flour, sugar, milk, fibers and hazelnuts. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer

The ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer can be designed as dryer only, as cooler only, or as a combination of dryer and cooler. Heat and mass transfer between the fluidization gas and the product are purely convective. The material of construction can range from carbon steel to high-alloy clad carbon steel for parts in contact with the product. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Gouda helix dryer

Gentle and efficient drying are crucial requirements in modern production plants for food products. Other prerequisites are maximum flexibility, minimum product loss, contamination-free product handling, and fully automated cleaning. The ANDRITZ Gouda helix dryer has it all. It can be used for drying of various food products, for example sweeteners and tea. Learn more about this technology

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