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The right ingredients for your success in the food industry

Want to exceed your consumers’ demands by providing purer products, better taste and healthy ingredients? For applications in the starch, beverages and beer, vegetable oil, plant-based or animal protein, dairy production and many more? With more than 100 years’ experience in the food industry, serving everyone from multinationals to smaller family operations, we can promise you one thing: your goals come first.

Need for a partner with full expertise

Like food manufacturers, ANDRITZ is also adjusting to the consumers‘ demand for healthier, sustainable and natural products. The focus lies on clean label, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. Therefore, whatever your food or beverages production needs, we most likely have everything you need to create it: the technology, the process knowledge as well as the service and automation solutions.

How can smarter separation transform a healthy tradition into pure profitability?

How can technology create new revenue from animal byproducts?

Key application areas
Leading solutions for producing native and modified starches

Leading solutions for native and modified starches

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Solutions for rendering processes

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Leading solutions for producing native and modified starches

Solutions to produce plant-based powders or flakes

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Driven by innovation

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Higher margins, lower costs

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Tackling tomorrow’s dairy challenges

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Satisfying the world’s smallest customers

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Ingredients that contribute to well-being and support the immune system

In this fast-changing world, consumers are in the driving seat. They know exactly what they want and need: healthy food and beverages that contribute to their well-being, supports their immune system and tastes good too. This is why new and innovative processes in food ingredients manufacturing focus on plant-based protein, vitamins, spices, herbs and many others that consumers see as functional ingredients. However, they also want food and beverages manufacturers to be open and trustworthy, and they need them to care about the environment and sustainability. Therefore, you have to be transparent on your production methods and on the origin and nature of the raw materials you are using. So yes, consumers influence your production processes.

ANDRITZ equipment, systems, services and automation solutions help you to manufacture the ingredients for the food and beverages of the future: nutritional, real, recognizable, and functional ingredients with the perfect taste. On top of that, your customers can rely on the sustainability of your process as ANDRITZ offers solutions for the treatment of by-products and waste too, ensuring maximum re-use and efficient production processes. Whether you’re producing food ingredients like plant-based protein, collagen, sourdough, yeast, starch or healthy drinks we have the in-depth process knowledge and a range of technologies to help make your operation successful.

Process know-how and broad portfolio

ANDRITZ specialists obtained extensive knowledge on food and beverages production through multiple stand-alone and turn-key projects at different (multi-national) production plants. With endless installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results with very little downtime.

With our current portfolio, we are able to answer up to the requirements for better taste, good organoleptic properties, hygiene, viscosity as well as to efficient and low-energy use manufacturing.

It covers everything from decanters for plant-based protein and vegan drinks, filter presses, peeler centrifuges, screw presses for starches, as well as contact drum dryers for algae, sourdough and animal protein or paddle dryers for flour or waste water treatment. We also offer a range of pumps for different steps in the production process.

Let’s be brilliant. Together.

Ever since our first food research and development test +100 years ago, we have been partnering with customers in the food and beverages industry to improve their success. Today we offer a wide range of global, regional and mobile R&D test capabilities to support our customers. In total our 40 different lab-scale machines are performing 80 tests a year for new applications – 365 days a year!

New ANDRITZ Food Innovation Xperience center

ANDRITZ Food Innovation Xperience

We offer customers the opportunity to determine the best possible manufacturing process for their need, building on latest technologies and line solutions as well as expert support from ANDRITZ.

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