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The world’s population is growing fast, and new methods are needed in order to continue to be able to feed people and animals alike. What is more, consumers’ buying preferences are changing, too: They are more conscientious in fulfilling their daily needs but are also aware of the impact this has on nature’s resources.

Sustainable and innovative processes

It is no secret that substantial parts of the animals we consume are discarded because they are not edible (e.g. skin or bones). But fortunately, sustainable ways of processing these parts are rapidly increasing and helping to ensure that a growing number of nature’s resources can be recovered and returned to the food and feed chain in the form of useful ingredients, such as protein, peptides, gelatin, collagen, fats or minerals. Like food manufacturers, ANDRITZ is also adjusting to consumers’ demands for natural, pure and allergen-free nutrients and has, therefore, developed new ways to secure nature’s gifts, with innovative process solutions that turn animal raw materials into sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients.

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How can technology create new revenue from animal byproducts?

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In the ANDRITZ global pilot plants, new ways are determined of handling raw materials of animal origin, such as skin, bones, blood, feathers, but also insects, e.g. black soldier flies, and marine by-products. Tests are conducted by experienced staff to assist manufacturers in their quest for the right equipment in their efforts to optimize the digestibility of products and thus ensure, for instance, proper conversion of feed to meat/muscle. Whether you are a globally operating company or a small start-up, our experienced personnel is at your disposal to support and guide you and also make sure that you find the right process for your specific application.

se-animal-raw-materials-application areas

Key application areas

Whether you’re producing animal-based protein, gelatin, peptides, collagen, fats and minerals, or protein from black soldier flies, we have the in-depth process knowledge and a range of technologies to help make your operation successful.

The right solution for your separation challenge


Process know-how and broad portfolio

ANDRITZ specialists have obtained extensive knowledge on dewatering and drying of animal raw material from multiple projects at different (multi-national) manufacturers’ production plants. They know that each type of raw material, whether it is skin, bones, blood, chicken by-products, fish, or otherwise, requires a different production method. With an endless number of installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results with top-quality end products.

With our current portfolio, we are able to meet the requirements for better quality, hygiene and viscosity as well as efficient manufacturing with low energy consumption.

This portfolio covers everything from decanters, peeler centrifuges, filter presses and screw presses to contact drum dryers or paddle dryers. We also offer a range of pumps for different steps in the production process.

ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer provides improved solubility in various applications like raw animal materials, fish, algae, seaweed, potatoes, beetroot, vegetable protein, and cacao. Furthermore, the drum drying process improves specific organoleptic properties, such as taste and scent. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Paddle Dryer

ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is a fully enclosed machine that guarantees safe handling of food and feed products and can be customized to meet your requirements. Moreover, the machine design pays special attention to accessibility for cleaning purposes. It is used for raw animal materials, for example, and also for fish, flour, sugar, milk, fibers, and hazelnuts. Learn more about this technology

Starch website_machine picture_decanter

ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F

The ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F can concentrate animal protein, for instance, by fiber separation in the first phase and separation of liquid and cake in the second and third phases. It is also used to concentrate vegetable protein. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

The siphon basket design of the ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge ensures a constant, low level of residual moisture with high capacities and minimum product losses in the process. Energy consumption is low due to the constant rotational speed throughout the entire batch operation. In addition, the centrifuge has a reliable emergency system and a highly efficient, automatic CIP cleaning procedure. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ dynamic crossflow filter

The ANDRITZ dynamic crossflow filter DCF is suitable for the clarification of liquids and for concentrating and washing of solids in a broad variety of chemical and biochemical products. No matter whether the valuable products are solids or liquids, the dynamic crossflow filter DCF increases yield and product quality. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Filter Press

ANDRITZ filter presses

ANDRITZ sidebar and overhead filter presses offer better performance and maximum flexibility with a complete filter press range from laboratory scale, to standard, to heavy duty, and from chamber, to membrane, to heated filter presses. Maximum flexibility is achieved because different energy sources can be used, so there is a range of well-known power pack brands and different degrees of automation to choose from. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer

The ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer can be designed as dryer only, as cooler only, or as a combination of dryer and cooler. Heat and mass transfer between the fluidization gas and the product are purely convective. The material of construction can range from carbon steel to high-alloy clad carbon steel for parts in contact with the product. Learn more about this technology

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