Leading solutions for producing native and modified starches

Leading solutions for producing native and modified starches

Whatever separation, dewatering or drying challenge you are looking for, we have the right solution for you.

An indispensable, sustainable ingredient for many products

Did you know that starch is not only used in the kitchen for thickening sauces or bakery? It is also applied as a binder and stiffener in the textile and paper industry and animals love their feed, because it contains starch which gives a great taste and feel. Starch is a natural ingredient that helps us taking care of nature by extending shelf life and by replacing fossil fuel based products in – for instance – plastics and detergents.

Like starch manufacturers nowadays, ANDRITZ is also adjusting to the consumers‘ demand for healthier, more sustainable and natural products. The focus lies on clean label, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. This is why new and innovative processes in starch manufacturing focus on natural starches without chemical modification. Depending on the end product A- or B starches are applied.

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Key application areas

Whether you’re producing native or modified starches from tapioca, potatoes, wheat, corn, pea or rice, we have the in-depth process knowledge and a range of technologies to help make your operation successful.

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Process know-how and broad portfolio

ANDRITZ specialists obtained extensive knowledge on starch processing through multiple projects at different starch manufacturers production plants all over the world. They know that each type of raw material, being it corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, peas or tapioca, requires a different production method. With more than 400 starch installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results with very little downtime.

Our proven solutions for the starch industry do not only ensure hygienic operation and maintenance friendliness but also use very low energy and obtain highest yield and starch quality.

Our portfolio covers the main equipment in nearly every starch processing line from degermination mills, decanters, peeler centrifuges, vacuum drum filters as well as contact drum diers for modified starch or paddle dryers for dextrinization. We also offer a range of pumps for the entire wet process or screening systems like DSM or centrifugal screens which remove the fibers from the starch.

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ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F

The ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F acts a key-equipment for tapioca fruit water removal or corn gluten dewatering. In the starch washing step it can concentrate the starch from typical 20⁰Be to 25⁰Be and the fine fiber will be removed with the liquid phase. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge

The well-known ANDRITZ horizontal peeler centrifuge with its siphon basket design is the world's leading starch dewatering machine and ensures a constant, low level of residual moisture with high capacities of up to 300 t/day and minimum starch losses in the process. The energy consumption is low, due to a constant rotational speed throughout the whole batch operation. Besides that, the centrifuge has a reliable emergency system and a highly efficient, automatic CIP cleaning procedure. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer gives starch improved solubility and specific organoleptic properties. Besides that, the drum drying process leads to less gel synereisis and increased cloudiness of gel and films. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is used for starch dextrinization in a continuous process. After the drying step the starch is roasted in the paddle dryer and then cooled in a paddle cooler, giving the starch uniform product quality due to excellent control of the retention time and temperature​. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ vacuum drum filter

The ANDRITZ vacuum drum filter is a high-capacity rotary filter best suited to the dewatering of potato starch or corn gluten, for example, where it provides higher filtration rates and a large filtration area of up to 118 m². Learn more about this technology


ANDRITZ pumps can be applied in the entire starch wet process. They result in efficiency up to 90% and are highly cost-effective thanks to high efficiency and a long service life. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ hammer mills

ANDRITZ offers high-performance hammer mills for optimum size reduction of raw material. Decades of experience and highly qualified product specialists make us a strong partner in the supply of hammer mills for size reduction. The ANDRITZ range of hammer mills covers the need for extremely fine or coarse grinding at high capacity. The mills-portfolio covers also pellet mills. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ disc mills

Through its’ Bauer and Sprout brands, ANDRITZ has been supplying equipment to the corn starch industry for over 100 years. The degerming machines supplied today represent the most modern of design while maintaining the exact same performance characteristics for which we are known.  They are designed specifically for degerming and are available in 36 inch and 52 inch diameters providing capacities of up to 60,000 BPD in the first stage application. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ screens

ANDRITZ DSM wedge wire screens are applied in corn wet milling for fiber washing. Drilled screw press baskets are used in fiber and germ dewatering. In glucose production, wedge wire laterals in ion-exchangers are applied. Gravitary DSM screens can be found in second and third grind dewatering steps in corn dewatering. Learn more about this technology

New ANDRITZ Food Innovation Xperience center

ANDRITZ Food Innovation Xperience

We offer customers the opportunity to determine the best possible manufacturing process for their need, building on latest technologies and line solutions as well as expert support from ANDRITZ.

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