Filter centrifuges

PreFiltration Technology

The ANDRITZ PreFiltration Technology adds an internal thickening stage to the machine and therefore doubles the liquid capacity, what makes the ANDRITZ Pusher Centrifuges very flexible in operation.

Krauss-Maffei vertical peeler centrifuge VZU

The Krauss-Maffei VZU vertical basket centrifuge has been specifically designed for processing intermediate products in the pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemicals industries. With minimum product loss, optimum cleanability, and minimum dead zone design.

Peeler centrifuge HZ 125/3.2
Krauss-Maffei horizontal peeler centrifuge HZ

Krauss-Maffei horizontal peeler centrifuges are batch-operated filtration centrifuges known for their reliable performance at high capacities. They are used in many processes, primarily in the bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries.

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Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge SZ

Our pusher centrifuge ensures maximum online availability with minimum maintenance and low space requirement in many solid/liquid separation processes.

ANDRITZ Krauss Maffei pusher centrifuge ecoOne
ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne

The ecoOne technology is designed to reduce operating expenditures and ecological footprint. The most striking feature is the ecoOne motor design which guarantees maximum electrical efficiency and a reduction of power consumption of up to 20%.

Screen scroll centrifuge HX

The screen scroll centrifuge HX has been designed to handle a great variety of feed materials without compromising operations and with minimum downtimes.

PUREVO pharma peeler centrifuge

The PUREVO pharma peeler centrifuge is a perfect combination of innovation and technological evolution that meets the highest hygienic and purity standards.

ANDRITZ rotating packed-bed centrifuge RPB

The ANDRITZ Rotating packed-bed centrifuge is a quantum leap in terms of process intensification for gas stripping, distillation, as well as liquid-liquid reactions. With the ANDRITZ RPB technology, traditionally column-based processes can be designed to be considerably more compact, while yield and quality are increased.

Krauss-Maffei gysum centrifuge VZU-G

The Krauss-Maffei VZU-G gypsum centrifuge is most suitable for desulfurization of flue gases from coal-fired heat/power plants and waste incinerators. Washing the flue gas with limestone slurry is the most successful method and generates reusable gypsum

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