neXcal quadriga – five-roll nonwovens calender for highest flexibility

neXcal twin pro – a new calender generation for maximum productivity

Flexibility, highest uptimes and intelligent production combined with excellent product quality and process stability.

In a continuously changing nonwovens market, the demands of a first-class nonwovens production site are increasing constantly. Optimal uptimes and an intelligent production process are major factors.

Designed for a new reference in productivity: ANDRITZ neXcal twin pro

Roll change within minutes – neXcal quadriga is the high-tech solution for ultimate nonwovens production flexibility


  • Speed up to 1,300 m/min
  • Line force adjustable (during production) up to 150 N/mm over the entire web width
  • Three-roll arrangement with one roll in production and one roll in stand-by position
  • Standard roll widths up to 6,000 mm (larger widths on request)
  • Extended neXtrend monitoring system as part of the IIoT concept
  • Continuous bonding for permanent spinning during roll change
  • Innovative machine concept for clean production
  • Direct drive (no chain drive)
  • Simplified roll replacement during production


  • Utmost uptimes
  • Energy efficient process
  • Smooth process due to continuous bonding and roll replacement concept
  • Innovative machine concept for clean production

In these rising demands from the market the ANDRITZ neXcal twin pro comes in. Its outstanding features become a new milestone for your nonwovens production: High-speed production of up to 1,300 m / min, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) systems, continuous bonding for permanent spinning during roll change, and operator-friendly machine configuration.

Evolutionary step for higher productivity: Continous bonding for permanent spinning during roll change


ANDRITZ offers a whole range of first-class calender systems for medium capacities, from the ANDRITZ compact and aXccess calenders to the speed king, the neXcal twin pro, with 1,300 m/min for high production capacities.

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