ANDRITZ power boilers

ANDRITZ offers technologies for producing steam and electricity from renewable fuels as well as for the efficient use of traditional fossil fuels. These technologies employ proven, yet modern techniques to efficiently produce power while keeping the emissions within environmentally safe limits.

Fluidized bed boilers

ANDRITZ designs and delivers boilers using a range of fluidized bed technologies.  These boilers are distinguished by capacity, fuel, and application:

ANDRITZ fluidized bed technologies demonstrate unmatched fuel flexibility – even with fuels that are difficult to burn when using other combustion technologies. The fluidized bed ensures almost complete combustion with the lowest emissions and the highest efficiency and availability.

Grate solutions

Industrial steam generators

ANDRITZ designs and delivers customized boilers for different industrial applications in pulp and paper, chemicals, and iron and steel.  The result of long-term experience in combination with modern engineering, these boilers represent the highest technology and quality standards.