Dryer: After sales, spare & wear parts, repairs, etc.

Dryer: After sales, spare & wear parts, repairs, etc.

Your full-service provider

Whether you need spare parts, rentals, local service, repairs, upgrades, or modernization of your drying system, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is your full-service provider.


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Belt dryer

Belt cloth service

  • Belt repair service
  • Analysis reports (performance optimization, consulting for new belts)
  • Replacements


  • One service partner for the complete drying process
  • In-house OEM knowledge brings latest R&D insights straight to your plant

Belt protection system

  • Continuous belt tension monitoring and immediate detection of irregularities (warning or stop signal on the SCADA to protect the belt)


  • Less maintenance efforts for the belt drying system
  • Scheduled shut-downs are shorter due to faster and easier re-commissioning of the belt
  • Low investment safeguards expensive drying belt

Humidity control system

  • An exact and sensitive measurement method to determine the moisture content of the product to be dried
  • The moisture of the product will be detected and controls the belt speed to get the correct moisture of the product
  • Available for almost all brands of belt drying systems


  • Much lower maintenance costs compared to traditional  humidity sensors
  • Higher process stability
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance
  • Short delivery times for spare parts

Drum dryer

Drum upgrades

  • New, optimized drums for almost all brands of drum drying systems 


  • Longer life-time of the drying drum

On-site maintenance for drum dryers

  • Mobile service container for drum dryers to refurbish the drum wheels and drum hoops


  • Improved lifetime of the drum hoops and drum wheels
  • Minimal down time
  • Job can be done on site
  • Report with recommendations for preventive maintenance

Wear protection for spring strips

  • Protective plates made of a special hardened material to protect the spring strips against wearing


  • No more maintenance costs for spring strip replacements
  • Low investment safeguards expensive spring strip replacements
  • Quick and easy installation

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