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  • Tilting pan filter: After sales, spare & wear parts, repairs, etc.

Tilting pan filter: After sales, spare & wear parts, repairs, etc.

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Whether you need spare parts, rentals, local service, repairs, upgrades, or modernization of your tilting pan filter, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is your full-service provider.

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Central valve upgrade

Advanced features for maximum impact 

  • The vacuum side outlet design is compatible with the special ANDRITZ automation lubrication system.
  • The upgrade offers a central platform for real-time sample extraction to create acid profiles.
  • The valve boasts a customized vacuum pump/blower configuration for single or dual vacuum pump systems and effective cell dry and cake discharge operations.
  • The UHMWPE wear plate can be machined to compensate for uneven wear or warping of the metal seal ring, thereby eliminating vacuum leaks.
  • The hydraulic lifting system facilitates the inspection and adjustment of internal partitions and allows easy removal of scale build-up.
  • The partitions between active zones are fabricated so that the zones are completely isolated from each other to eliminate vacuum short-circuiting between zones.


The EX-LV central valve can be

  • retrofitted easily to any model and make of tilting pan filter,
  • providing a fast and cost-effective upgrade.


  • Increase of up to 15% in filtration capacity
  • Reduced water-soluble P2O5 losses
  • Easy maintenance with the lifting system
  • No downtime for greasing, resulting in higher productivity
  • Lower final cake moisture
  • Reduced scaling

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