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Dissolving fiberline
Making the switch: Kraft to dissolving pulp made easy

Textiles made from cellulose fibers are becoming more and more important as the world rapidly moves away from fossil-fuel derived products and seeks more environmentally friendly raw materials. ANDRITZ has developed the A-ConFlexTM continuous cooking method for bleached dissolving pulp production to make it easy for pulp producers to switch between dissolving pulp and kraft pulp according to market demand.

20201211_135021_After ADuro C 3
Circular economy for forming fabrics started

Reutlingen, Germany, September 2022. Conservation of resources, reduction of energy consumption, CO₂ reduction, closed-loop circular economy - these are all firmly established cornerstones of ANDRITZ's sustainability strategy.

Electric storm

As tissue mills seek to optimize their energy consumption for optimum sustainability, ANDRITZ’ introduction of a hood air system based on electrical heating is very timely

Lime mud drying just got easier!

Simple and smart – In further efforts towards maximizing efficiencies of white liquor plants, ANDRITZ has developed LimeDry-H™.

Prime cleaning performance in a single unit

The new PrimeClean TO is the latest innovation in cleaners from ANDRITZ. The “TO” designation comes from the fact that it combines two cleaning stages in one unit (two-in-one). Thanks to its innovative reject chamber design, the PrimeClean TO is ideal for removing sand and small particle debris from approach flow stock and recycled fiber processing lines at higher feed consistencies. The first systems have been sold and start-up is planned for early next year.

Nowadays the main part of new tissue machines is equipped with a steel Yankee
The growth of the ANDRITZ steel Yankee

ANDRITZ has developed a world-wide reputation as a leader in the production of steel Yankees for a variety of paper grades and even tobacco machines.


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