Performance optimization and risk reduction with PrimeLine tissue machine safety

Keeping operators safe whilst maximizing the efficiencies of tissue machines has always been of the utmost importance to ANDRITZ.

As safety standards and regulation framework changes have an increasing influence on production activities, even more effort has been put into the safety of tissue machines. ANDRITZ has gone to great lengths to not only comply with machine safety regulations, but also to go beyond them to ensure that every customer experiences the highest level of safety on every machine supplied. 


PrimeLine tissue machine with safety features such as innovative walkway configurations, access ways through the machine, and specially designed fabrics and rolls insertion systems.

Main objectives of safety

Keeping operators safe and avoiding unplanned downtime through the highest safety standards is one of the foundations of today’s tissue production. Safety measures have improved greatly alongside the consistent increase of tissue machine speeds and capacities. In addition to this evolution, there is also an increased awareness of the importance of safety through standards and regulation frameworks.


ANDRITZ has three main objectives when it comes to supplying tissue machines with the safest operating parameters:

  • A safe machine is the basis for ensuring that the safety of operating personnel and environment remains guaranteed 
  • A safe machine is the basis for a reliable process and ensures maximum output
  • A safe machine is necessary to fulfill legal requirements 

“We have gone to great lengths to not only comply with safety regulations, but also to go beyond them to ensure that every customer experiences the highest level of safety on every tissue machine supplied.”


Machine Safety Expert


Operator safety comes first

First and foremost is the safety of the operator; this is where ANDRITZ’s expertise in tissue technology and processes comes into its own. The three main areas to keep operators safe are:

  • Inherently safe design
  • Guards and fences where interaction is not necessary during operation
  • Functional safety where interaction is necessary during operation

ANDRITZ basic approach to tissue machine safety starts with designing machines that avoiding potential hazard locations where humans interact with equipment. This means that safety is already built into the inherent design of the tissue machine.

As tissue production is a labor-intensive activity, it is not possible to avoid hazardous areas completely. ANDRITZ has worked on all the parameters of potential harm to operators by installing safeguards including roll nip guards and fences as well as introducing the latest technology where maintenance can be carried out outside of the hazard zones.

Ultimately safer operation of tissue machines leads to improved efficiencies with the avoidance of accidents and unplanned downtime.

Regional legal requirements

As ANDRITZ is a global company and various regions of the world differ in their approach to safety, a lot of work has been carried out to bring a common understanding of machine safety. Tissue machines are supplied by ANDRITZ across the globe, including to Europe, Asia, North America and South America where all local safety regulations are adhered to.

European regulation requirements are currently the global benchmark when it comes to safety standards, however ANDRITZ has deep experience of safety regulations across all markets and offers advice on both installing new tissue machines as well as providing audits on older machines to ensure that all regulations are taken into account. 

With its expertise in CE markings and machine directives in various regions, ANDRITZ is also able to offer consultation and advice to tissue producers across the globe as what is the most effective approach to ensure compliance when it comes to local safety regulations.   


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