Process expertise for solving comprehensive industrial wastewater challenges

Is your plant ready for all the challenges posed by industrial wastewater? Variations in sludge type, sludge conditions, suspended solids and more make industrial wastewater treatment a complex endeavor. At ANDRITZ, we provide the full range of technologies and expertise to help guide you to an economical and environmentally sound solution.

Be it wastewater from the food industry, chemical production or the pulp and paper sector, we serve hundreds of applications. Virtually every industrial waste treatment solution provided by ANDRITZ is individually tailored to specific process requirements. We apply our many years of experience and vast portfolio of separation solutions and proven service and automation technologies to find the correct solution from the industry’s broadest portfolio for industrial wastewater.

From individual technologies to comprehensive solutions

Our wastewater treatment solution packages offer you the flexibility to select either individual equipment or a complete system, enhancing your process performance. All components, including electrical and automation systems as well as services, are meticulously tailored to your specific requirements. This holistic approach ensures a seamless process solution from a single, reliable source.

Our portfolio includes:

Key process steps covered

  • Pumping
  • Screening
  • Thickening
  • Dewatering
  • Drying
  • Combustion

Key benefits

  • Lower energy consumption
  • High-quality granules meeting Class A requirements
  • Lower operating costs
  • Maximum energy recovery
  • Continuous operation

Reliable wastewater and sludge treatment no matter the industry

With hundreds of applications served, virtually every industrial waste treatment solution we provide is individually tailored to specific process requirements. As an expert for municipal wastewater treatment, it is no surprise that dozens of companies from a range of industries have chosen ANDRITZ when looking for a reliable wastewater treatment solution.

Our references include:   

Separation expertise for sustainable and efficient zero-liquid discharge (ZLD)

Zero-liquid discharge in a power plant

In Baotou, the largest city in Inner Mongolia, the Huadian Hexi Power Plant has reduced its environmental footprint by eliminating wastewater discharge, increasing water reuse, and facilitating the recovery of valuable byproducts. The zero liquid discharge (ZLD) approach for the plant’s salt slurry dewatering uses ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges.


Sustainable remediation

Further west, in the United States of America, the Lower Fox River remediation project in Wisconsin uses eight fully automated ANDRITZ A4 2000 membrane filter presses to remediate PCB-impacted sediments from the river through dredging, capping, sand separation, sediment dewatering, water treatment, and disposal.

World’s largest rotary drum dryer for sludge treatment

Cutting down on costs and emissions in a cement plant

Family-owned company Schwenk in Germany has managed to significantly cut costs, resources and emissions: In a process which directly uses exhaust gas from the cement process in an ANDRITZ drum dryer, dewatered sludge is transformed into a valuable product that can be used in a residue-free process as a substitute for fuel and minerals.


Minimizing process water losses in a gravel plant

After facing an shortage of both disposal space and water for the gravel washing process, the Flatscher gravel plant in Austria switched to an wastewater treatment process using ANDRITZ filter presses, improving product quality while minimizing the demand for groundwater resources.


Boosting efficiency in organic sludge dewatering

After extensive trials, Arla Foods in Denmark chose ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges as a new dewatering solution to handle the large volume of wastewater coming from the company’s milk and cheese production. The results? They have reduced waste and increased capture rates while facilitating fully automated operation.

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