ANDRITZ HYDRO in Turkey, Izmir

ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electro-mechanical equipment and services for hydropower plants.

With over 170 years of experience, ANDRITZ HYDRO is a leader in the world market for hydraulic power generation.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Turkey is active in the market of large new installations (Large Hydro), small and mini hydropower plants (Compact Hydro) and service, modernization and upgrade of existing stations (Service & Rehab). Main services and core competencies include the manufacturing of turbine and generator mechanical welded components. Local sourcing and contracting for electrical power systems (EPS) for large hydropower plants, delivery of turnkey EPS and automation systems for compact hydropower plants as well as design and system engineering; erection, and erection supervision for all kinds of hydropower plants is also part of the product and service portfolio. Additionally ANDRITZ HYDRO Turkey is also active in the penstocks and gates business.


In the year 1991, predecessor ELIN ELMAK established a permanent office in Ankara to gain better access to the Turkish market and to improve the service to its customers. The company has a long history in the country with first equipment deliveries for HPP Econa in 1927. In January 2009, the company ELIN ELMAK became a fully consolidated company of ANDRITZ Group under the new registered name “ANDRITZ HYDRO Ltd.Şti”. Nowadays, ANDRITZ HYDRO Turkey has about 250 experienced and competent employees at the head office in Izmir and the project sites throughout the country.

Beginning of 2008, the first localization concepts were developed and implemented mainly based on the local manufacturing of embedded parts such as draft tubes and spiral cases for Compact Hydro and Large Hydro projects. In 2008 ANDRITZ HYDRO Turkey was awarded the first Large Hydro project in the private sector, which is called HPP Kandil Cascade. This was followed by other projects such as HPP Alkumru, HPP Boyabat, HPP Tatar/ Pembelik, HPP Çetin, HPP Ayvalı, HPP Ilısu, and HPP Kargı.

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