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ANDRITZ Autonomous Wood Processing solutions

Digitalization is changing the industrial world

Everything we do, we believe in getting the most out of wood raw material, we believe in sustainability. The way we challenge the seen inefficiencies in mills, is making our products meaningful, future proof, modular, simple to use and easy to maintain.  

We just happen to make success stories to our customers. 

We will add value instead of cables, servers and sensors

  • Maximized safety
  • Optimized performance and availability
  • Improved resource efficiency
  • Improved process stability  
  • Improving and predicting pulp quality end-to-end
  • Increased mill autonomy

Metris Performance Center Lahti, Finland

An excellent combination of process, technology and product knowledge with digital services for woodyard.

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Three levels of intelligency

ANDRITZ  Autonomous Woodyard solutions portfolio is based on three levels of intelligency:

  • The floor level, which covers a wide range of individual Metris products including machine and process diagnostic devices, for instance a Metris ChipperEKG or Metris ChipSCAN
  • The second level is optimization systems for sub processes which contain lower-level products
  • The third level contains autonomous systems which are built with lower level optimization systems or with dedicated technology such as in the Autonomous Logyard
Image of stacker reclaimer and chip pile against neural network background

ANDRITZ Autonomous Wood Processing solutions

ANDRITZ Smart Wood Processing solutions

Wood processing Metris products

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Automation for the pulp and paper industry

Optimization, data analysis, augmented reality

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Wood processing services

Maintenance, upgrades, optimization, spare parts, wear parts

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